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    This week Utah brings in a team with a talent deficit at almost every position to play at RES a week before our championship run.  Is this not exactly what the SEC does every year?  No one can complain about SEC scheduling and then complain about scheduling BYU this week.
    Much better to be playing BYU this week than being Washington or Washington…[Read more]

  • There has always been missionaries who have flipped schools upon completion of their two years.  (Or in the case of TDS athletes 6-8 months).  However it seems the pace has recently picked up.  Probably since players would rather play for Sitake than that oddball Mendenhall.
    Its not just Utah who is being impacted, Oregon, Norte Dame, Oregon…[Read more]

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    I just rewatched the Joe Williams highlights.  On two of his long runs , Bolles was 10-15 yards downfield and pancaked the defender.  Incredible speed, strength and athleticism!  He’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite Utes.

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    Now that we are bowl eligible, every win should move us up one notch to a better bowl.Win 5–Peach or RoseWin 4–Rose or AlamoWin 3–Holiday or AlamoWin 2–Sun or VegasWin 1–CactusWin 0–At large

  • UFN is officially in the throes of a death spiral, they are now more interested in eating their own rather than talking Utah sports.

    Thanks for providing another outlet!

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