• But can’t you say they had to try the onside kick, for the exact same reason, because the results didn’t pan out? Oregon wasn’t able to stop Washington. Washington ran the clock out. If they had kicked away… Washington still would have ran the clock out. There’s zero reason to believe that UO could stop UW and get the ball back the way the game…[Read more]

  • PNW Ute replied to the topic Wind will have an impact in the forum Football 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    I think the wettest I’ve ever been in my life was at Husky Stadium in 2015. Took my wife to Seattle for the weekend for her birthday, and went to the Utes/Huskies game. Sat in the lower uncovered section. Utes won, but we were so wet and miserable at the game that it took me a few years to convince her to ever go to a game with me again.

  • I’ll be there. I live in SW Washington, going to drive up to SeaTac and take light rail the rest of the way.
    I second what others said, take public transportation. The light rail lets off right at the stadium. The shuttle busses that go there from park and ride stations are great too. But, the last time I did one of those it took over an hour to g…[Read more]

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    It’s far more contrasting than that. He might have spent 15% of one year’s income to completely buy and pay off that house. I’m spending 15% of my gross income on my home too. But I’m doing that every year for 30 years to pay mine off. Clearly we all have much to learn from Coach Riley. (Except how to manage a defense, I might know more about t…[Read more]

  • It’s nice to be the big time game on Fox. Them switching to Utah/Oregon away from a 5 point Oklahoma game is showing some serious respect.
    Too many memories of games starting on ESPNews in the past years..

  • Fox is saying they will switch to the Utah/Oregon game for kickoff.

  • I don’t love them. But I remember that I really didn’t like the helmets or uniforms when they honored the Battleship either. (Liked the idea, didn’t like the look or the fact that we weren’t going traditional colors for such a high profile game.)
    But that was the last time Oregon came to town. Also as the favorite. And that beat down went pretty…[Read more]

  • I think the likelihood of there being a bad snap or some other type of mistake is small enough that the increased percentage of making the field goal from the center of the field is more than worth it.

    With the tighter hashes in the NFL no, probably not worth it. But in college with the wider hashes? Yes.

  • PNW Ute replied to the topic UO -6 in the forum Football 1 month, 1 week ago

    That feels about right. If you’ve watched both teams play this year, no reason to think Oregon shouldn’t be favored. Their talent level is as good as anyone we play, their offense just as good as USC’s, their defense and coaching are light years better, their four and five-star guys are actually tough unlike the prima donna Trojans, and we won’t…[Read more]

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    Hard to fault UO and UW for leaving when they did. They at least stuck around until they saw the details of the Apple offer.

    Fuck the LA schools, though.

  • PNW Ute replied to the topic College GameDay in SLC? in the forum Football 1 month, 1 week ago

    SLC is probably the best choice next week, but they did just do Oregon at Washington last week, so they may not want to do another Oregon game so soon.

  • PNW Ute replied to the topic Stanford at Colorado in the forum Football 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Wow. Anyone still on Colorado’s bandwagon has to be looking for the exit now. That sideline might be a little more bereft of the celebs going forward.

    And, hey, if Stanford can score 43 (33 in regulation), even Utah’s offense has to be able to put up 21 points against them, right? Right?

  • PNW Ute replied to the topic Stanford at Colorado in the forum Football 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Stanford tied it with a field goal in the last play of regulation. Going into overtime.

    At halftime, ESPN’s Gamecast prediction software gave Colorado a 99.7% chance of winning. Yikes.

    Maybe Coach Prime can trade back some of his transfers at skill positions for linemen. Shouldn’t be too hard, after all, we know he keeps receipts.

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    No, not a penalty. If the ball goes into the endzone before it goes out of bounds it is a touchback, ball gets placed a the 25-yard line.

  • Not going to have to wait long, Oregon plays at Washington next week.

  • PNW Ute replied to the topic Utes in Corvallis! in the forum Football 2 months ago

    I’ll be at the game. Not tailgating, though. Attending with some Beaver fan friends.

    I live near Portland though, so not much of a trip for me!

  • I don’t think it eliminates us, but would make it extremely hard. Would probably have to win at least 2 out of 3 against Oregon, Washington, and USC, with two of those on the road. That’s gonna be a tough ask of anyone this year. At least the top four teams all play each other this year, unlike last year when UW missed out on Utah and USC.

    WSU…[Read more]

  • PNW Ute replied to the topic Colorado at Oregon in the forum Football 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Totally agree. Having seen Colorado’s defense the first three weeks, and knowing that they’ll be missing Hunter this week, I think Oregon could score every time they get the ball. Colorado might be able to score some points, but Oregon’s defensive line will be in Colorado’s backfield every play. I think the score is going to get ugly quickly.

  • Conference play is going to be bonkers this year. Let the cannibalization begin!

  • Virtually every nonpartisan observer who has commented on it thought it was PI. If it had been a Utah receiver and a Baylor defender we would be screaming for a flag.
    The contact where they both went for the ball was probably fine. Grabbing the receiver’s arm before the ball got there is not, though. I’m f your defense is that the DB was pla…[Read more]

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