• Last night reminded me of the 2015 game against Oregon where we didn’t seem capable of doing anything wrong. What was even better about that game in 2015 is that we didn’t implode immediately after the big win. So if we can roll out 2-3 more wins (which we should) it will end up being a surprising year given what else happened.

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    when you can run over them without resistance that’s what you do. Balance is for a team that you have to worry about competitively and what we played last night was not. Even throwing to keep them honest wasn’t really necessary. Only downside was Rising lost out on some practice. And our center needs some more practice on those longer…[Read more]

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    I looked on yahoo and espn earlier and they hadn’t updated it so was still reading TBD…noon hmmm ok that’s good I’m going to be jet lagged enough from time change tonight. Also a Noon game rules out having to do yard work on Saturday yay!

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    This less then a week out announcement of game time is so annoying. Might as well turn it into a contest to predict like the score. Winner gets to plan their sleep schedule a week ahead 😀

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    Tragic news. This is happening too often for sanity.

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    Some early kicking points might have been key momentum changes. Losing on 4th and 1 took the starch out of our team. Also that absurd reversal of targeting on Breeze. That was a textbook case of targeting and the reversal left him in the game, showed we couldn’t expect justice, and pumped him up. He clearly turned the game around on us multiple…[Read more]

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    Seems like robbery but ok. Next week Moss breaks JWIII record and Anae becomes the Sack King. That works.

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    I’m not seeing it…did Anae tie or break the record for all time Sacks last night?

    Next week would be great to see Moss and Anae both break all time records (again).

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    Give it to CU, they really tackled and wrapped him up on early contact during the first 2.5 quarters. But then…he really did start to push them around.

    I think the rib thing was a nit. He seemed to run pretty well in the 4th Q. I was more worried about our #1’s knees and ankles. Wish it weren’t a short week.

  • Amen to just about everything he said.

    I’d love to see an 8 team playoff. I would also support the following

    1. ONLY teams ABOVE .500 can play in a bowl game. No more 6 wins and in. Gotta have 7.
    2. FCS teams do NOT count toward wins.
    3. 9 game conference schedules for all P-5 conferences.
    4. Cap the number of bowl games at 25 (or some…[Read more]

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    They could have given it to me. I’d have gladly shelved it for them…session beers have a place during lawn mowing on a hot day…no reason to pour it out. Just drink 2 😀

  • Win the Rose bowl. This really isn’t a question is it?

  • Alabama was behind the entire game…start to finish, on their home field, by a team they had beaten 8 times in a row. If a PAC12 team did that it would result in a substantially greater drop…yes, even if it was LSU.

  • I prefer the scenario where we win every remaining game we play this year. Wherever that ends up being I’ll be happy enough since it would not include Vegas. Rose or CPC matters not. 14-1, Pac12 champ, top 5 and happy as a clam in any event.

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    What may be really funny is if they gobsmack the Ducks when they play. That game is one that USC and Oregon have both overlooked in the past only to have the Beavers destroy their season. I want to play a top 10 Oregon for all the marbles. So hope the ducks don’t get cocky ad start looking too far ahead.

  • Those Kooky freshmen just wanted to keep the game close so viewers would keep watching. Great for ratings but lets not do that again.

  • Favored always worries me. #7 looks earned after last night. The OU/USC thrashing last night though might make some push the ducks over someone who was idle. I have to say I really do look forward to us getting a shot to compare our D to their O…but we still have 3 games to play (with an improving UCLA) before we think about that too…[Read more]

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    may have lots of upside but starting him cold against UW wasn’t the right place (well unless you’ve ran out of options). Gotta ease these kids in a bit. Didn’t notice any positive impact because the first quarter was an all around dumpster fire for the team. So I read nothing into his 10 minutes. Hope he’s healthy enough to get some play time…[Read more]

  • Agreed. Urban probably gets paid enough to run out the season on TV and punting Helton after last night doesn’t really chance much now on the arc of their season (except they’d have to pay him to not work). I suspect within 12 hours of the end of the UCLA game they make the announcement.

  • I really prefer All Red…then all black…then a combination of red and black. Just can’t grow to love White.

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