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Ute Hub Forum Tops 4000 Posts

In less than three weeks the Ute Hub discussion forum has surpassed 4000 posts!

Thanks to all. We are barely getting started. Be sure to refer your friends here and GO UTES!

  • Jumpmasterute

    Tacoma must be slacking. Normally he posts more than that in a week. 🙂

    • UteFanatic

      He is currently camping otherwise you’d see a crazy amount of posts during GameDay this morning. Right, @TacomaUte!?

  • Utemachine

    I truly enjoy this forum. Good posters, good fans, and civil discussion. Thanks for your work Tony!

    • UteFanatic

      ^^This^^ I have really enjoyed this forum.

  • Tony

    Especially the civil part. I don’t want this place to become a bitch fest like other places we are familiar with.

  • Tony

    Utah vs Cal Game Thread

    This is the “official” Ute Hub Utes/Cal game thread! I will try to chime in if possible from the game but posting now just to make sure it’s up and running!

    #5 Utah Utes
    4-0, 1-0 Pac-12
    #22 Cal Golden Bears

    5-0, 2-0 Pac-12
    Saturday, 10/10/15
    Rice/Eccles Stadium, Salt Lake City, Utah
    TV: ESPN
  • UteStuckInSeattle

    Streaming at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/uofu tonight

    GO UTES!!!

  • GO UTES! The Corso curse ends tonight. John Stockton making picks was very suprising. Since his State Farm commercials he has started to not value his privacy as much.

    • quagmire

      Maybe that was his twin, Don Stockton up there with Corso

  • Tony

    GO UTES! The Corso curse ends tonight. John Stockton making picks was very suprising. Since his State Farm commercials he has started to not value his privacy as much.


    • I always figured Stockton was setup for life like Malone. Larry Miller was very kind.

      • Puget Ute

        Owning a few car dealerships certainly helps the cashflow.

  • Tony

    Yeah I was kidding of course.

  • rbmw263

    so ready for this team to get back on the field. I havent been able to listen to 700 for a couple days and I probably wont listen to any pre-game. Done with the talk. Lets play.

  • GadValleyUte

    Not looking good. They’re moving way too easily and we are not.

  • Brettski

    Have a bad feeling about this… 3 turnovers and 3 points…

  • justaute

    Our offense better pull its head out.

  • justaute

    We have also been lucky with those two rare Lawler drops.

  • justaute

    That was a horrible pass. Just terrible.

  • justaute

    Oh…thank you Justin.

  • justaute

    YES! Offense finally stepped up.

  • FormerUteSax

    I’m pretty sure Brian Griese wants to date Goff

    • EUte

      I know that was sickening, wasn’t it?

  • justaute

    Man…this place is a bit slow. Wish it had more activities. Really tired of reading over-the-top, inane, messages. Do enjoy reading Utahby5.

  • Tony

    Haha. A little slow maybe because many like me were at the game. I couldn’t get any kind of connection.

  • Tony

    Going to take me a while to get to sleep… A little jacked up.

  • rbmw263

    I hate being up 6 against a team with an elite offense/passing game. I thought we were losing that game several times in the fourth. Need to learn to put our foot on the throat and execute when we have a chance to go up multiple scores!

  • Goff will fit in perfectly in the NFL….for the Texans.

  • Tony

    Goff will fit in perfectly in the NFL….for the Texans.

    Hopefully next season.

  • Lellie

    I had to go to the ER last night as I inhaled a fly and couldn’t breathe. Thank god the med staff were Ute grads, and they kindly kept me updated on the score and the final. However, the dude trying to find my vein to insert the thingee kept missing. I asked if he was Jared Goff. He laughed pretty hard.

    I got home around 3 with an inhaler and some handy anti anxiety meds if this were to happen again. I sure hope not, but the meds could come in handy for future hairy Ute games 😁.

  • Tony

    A FLY!!!?!?! Wow that’s nuts. Did it go in your lung or something?

  • Lellie

    Yup. Inhaled it. My lungs went into shutdown mode. I’m fine now, but every time I cough, I have enough gunk expectorated, you’d think I had a chest cold. All due to living in the country area with massive amounts of horse poop, the flies are congregating here before their big pesky groups of selves take their last dive before the season ends.
    Good Times.

  • Tony

    Wow lungs shutting down is serious stuff. Glad you are okay.

  • Utemachine

    Best Sign So Far…

    “Covey is the only one who scores from Provo.” That’s damn hilarious.

  • Tony


  • GameDay is streaming!


  • javadave

    So pumped! Go Utes!

  • High Uintas

    I can’t think of a better setting, looking east as the sun is about to rise.

  • oc_ute

    watching espn college football countdown. kannel puts utes in his top four but

    he predicted a cal upset. what a douche

  • utedds

    I don’t know if these guys even believe half of their predictions. He’s probably just doing his part to build up the hype for the game on ESPN.

  • THEeyepatch

    Not everyone can pick Utah, doesn’t necessarily make him a “douche” and if he’s right — which he isn’t — he can go on CFC the next time it’s on and act like he had all the answers why Cal won. Though you won’t hear him talk about it when Utah does win and in fact, watch him become a ‘believer’.

    Coach Whittingham will have this Ute team ready and I won’t be surprised if Utah wins by two scores or more. Cal’s defense folds like a wet cardboard box in the 3rd quarter and Utah runs away with it towards victory.

    GO UTES!

    • oc_ute

      the point of my post is he conflicted himself. he puts utes in his top four AND predicted a cal upset. can’t have both in week 6. he’s a douche or espn is telling him what to do

  • palos_verdes_ute

    Kannel is a douche. He’s never said anything nice about the utes. This is even prior to our number 5 ranking.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    there is logic to that. these analysis have to pick their top 10 based on the body of work thus far. it’s not about the season, but about what they’ve done.

    …but he’s still a douche.

  • rbmw263

    Kannel is one of the few people at ESPN I like. He has said nice things in the past. Seems like a good dude. Dont hate a guy just because he picked against our team! Thats irrational.