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Big Z


I know baby steps are needed with this, but if you can integrate the site to work with TapaTalk that’d be awesome.

  • Tony

    Not sure what that is, but I’ve seen the phrase here and there.

  • Tacoma Ute

    Does TapATalk work with anything besides vbulletin?

  • Big Z


  • Big Z

    I’m not sure about that

  • BioUte


  • Tony

    What benefit does it provide for you as a user? This is the description I found.

    Monetize your community on mobile with Tapatalk’s comprehensive advertising solution. Tapatalk provides built-in integration with Yahoo!, Gemini, OpenX, Amazon and other leading ad networks.

    • norm

      It’s a mobile app on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone for reading forums. Better than reading in a browser, in my opinion. You can also use it as a platform to make a branded app for your forum.

    • Big Z

      I have numerous boards I visit through tapatalk, it’s a lot easier logging in with a SSO versus going through a browser to each site and logging into each of them.

  • Notifications?

    I’ve seen several comments about being notified when someone replies to your post. I see the little indicator on the upper right. Is this a setting that has to be turned on? Is it only when someone tags you? I’ve had a couple reply to my posts but no notification. TIA.

  • Tony

    Here’s a “reply” to your post. Let’s see if you get a notification.

    • UteSteve

      Thanks! I did get it this time. If you don’t mind, my next question is this – Do you only get notified when you are the author of the original post/thread? It would also be nice to get notified when someone specifically replies to any post you make regardless of position in the thread.

      • Wilson's Mustache

        I made a thread earlier and was receiving notification when people were responding to the thread.

        • UteSteve

          It seems to be working now. Thanks for the test replies.

  • Adjusting time stamp on posts?

    Is there a way to do this? The new posts (in the 11am hour) are showing time stamps in the 5pm hour.


  • Tacoma Ute


  • Tacoma Ute


    I think I broke out the anointing oil a little too soon. They’re still pretty good though.

    Actually I just wanted to be the first to post in Pro Sports 😀

  • Tony

    Haven’t followed the NFL in years. Loved the Bills in the early 90’s. I made a crap pile of cash betting on them.

  • Summit Ute

    I thought this thread was going to be about how UteHub was going to be paying the bills haha.

  • add General Conversation or Off Topic Forum?

    As much as I love all the Utah chat, some of the best conversations and laughs come from off topic subjects. Can that be added?

  • Well Utefans needs conversation still keep that over on the other board in my opinion.

    • Tacoma Ute

      That gives me an idea. Have an “other topics” category that sends you to a link to UFN. Let’s keep both boards hopping.

      • mokus

        If you are going to go that route, then the BYU/TDS should send you directly to cougarboard.

  • Stradlater

    Forum look and feel.

    Love the new forum. Less small red text on the index page would be nice.

  • oc_ute

    test post

  • Dugway

    The actual text of the messages seems small to me, is there a way to make it larger? I couldn’t find anything in the settings.

    • Summit Ute

      Ctrl + in chrome works, but no other solutions right now that I’m aware of.

  • Tony

    Yes as soon as this new user registration sh*tstorm subsides I’ll try to make the index look better.

  • Red Dawn

    I love it! Feels like a legitimate forum. Thanks again Tony!

  • Utahute72

    Is there any reason we are using GMT as a time stamp?

    • Tony

      HA. Because I never set a time zone! I’ll change it to MDT if I can!

  • Stradlater

    The larger, bolder, darker red subject lines on the index page look great! Much easier to read now.

  • SouthJordanUte

    How do you insert pics if they are saved on your desktop?

    Not sure if this is possible, but a drag and drop for pictures would change my life for the better.

    • Wilson's Mustache

      I’m not sure you can upload directly from your computer, Its probably a feature that can be added, however I recommend just uploading your picture to imagur and then using the img button to post it from there.

  • SouthJordanUte

    Love the sight by the way. Thanks for putting this together.


    would it be possible to have the Home › Forums › 1 – Ute Sports › Football › Forum look and feel

    List duplicated at the bottom of the thread as well? Just a minor tweak I think but I’m not sure don’t do websites.