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    Anybody here follow the softball team?

    I grew up playing baseball, and after having daughters softball became the goto sport in our house for many years. I coached for several years, and really grew to love the game. I actually enjoy watching it more than baseball as it’s more fast paced, and the players are far more enthusiastic. Doesn’t hurt that Utah joined a softball power conference right around the same time my girls started playing.

    We really began rooting for Utah around then, 2010ish, but they were difficult to watch at times. They finished the first season of PAC-12 play with two wins. Fast forward to last season, and oh what a great job Hogue did. She won conference coach of the year honors while guiding Utah to it’s first winning season (conference play), and an NCAA tourney berth. Seems like those years of torment are starting to pay off, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season.

    We lost our best player in Kate Dickman, but her little sis is an incoming freshman this year. Pacheco may be the best defensive catcher in the PAC-12, and while her bat was a liability much of last season she really started to turn it on toward the end. Their bullpen is young and promising as well. Anyway, not too many folks followed the team on ufn, so hoping there are some people here who will contribute over the course of the next year. Go Utes!

    Improvement on outgoing Hub emails

    Thanks to @execUTEioner who helped me tweak my server email settings yesterday. The spam score has been greatly improved from one which most mailboxes would reject, to one most will accept. There’s one more small thing which is not a huge issue, so as it sits now outgoing emails should reach more users.

    There’s still the problem with the site’s IP address being on one email blacklist which is used by crapcast and I think maybe msn and hotmail. SO those emails may still not make it through. But, I’m working on getting that blacklist entry removed.

  • execUTEioner

    @admin, That’s great news. Hopefully fewer folks will report that emails go straight to spam.

  • oc_ute

    who do we want to win AZ/UCLA, SC/ASU?

    since we play all four teams, i guess all that matters is the potential for a rankings advancement. my take is we root for UCLA over AZ since AZ is very close to us in the rankings. we root for ASU over USC for the same reason. god it’s hard for me to root for ASU. am i missing something? let’s assume we beat the ucks for this discussion

  • Hockeybeard

    Either way you slice it, the USC/ASU game is good for us = one of those teams will be 2-2 after this weekend. Right now it looks like ASU has the most problems, and they haven’t been able to fix it yet. But, that said, this is the Pac12 and it seems like everyweek there is some sort of come-back, or upset that happens that turns the conference on their head.

    UCLA/AZ is more interesting. Personally, I think we match up with UCLA better, and I believe we have them at home this year (I think) so I am leaning toward wanting them to win – give AZ an early loss and hope they get another one or two down the road.

  • Tacoma Ute

    I think it’s too hard to tell at this point. I guess you could root for USC because they already have a loss and Sark will probably blow another game or two. On the other hand USC still has the best talent in the division.

    I think it will take a few more weeks to be able to figure out who we want to lose in games within the division.

  • Tony

    My heart says I want all AZ schools to lose, all the time.

    • AZswayze

      I actually like Arizona, but I am rooting against them this season, because I see them as the likely candidate to represent the south in the CCG.

  • Ute Bc

    Comes down to this for me. We play ASU at home and USC on the road. We want to win the South. It’s easier to win at home then on the road, so let’s get USC a loss in conference…

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      Our 2014 home and away record would disagree with you, but typically winning at home is easier


      Home: 3-3
      Away: 5-1

  • Tony

    You mean another loss…

  • Ute Bc

    Yes – they will get stronger as the season goes and beating them 2 years in a row, on the road is going to be a challenge.

    • MTM

      USC lost to Stanford already so I would have to pull for USC to give ASU a conference loss too.

      Then I’d probably root for UCLA over Arizona because I think we have a better chance of beating UCLA at home than AZ in Tucson.

      Of course, by that logic I also think we beat ASU at home easier than USC on the road.

  • GadValleyUte

    UCLA – better chance to win overall and it’s at home
    ASU – same logic

  • Rick

    I think you go with who do we have at home this year of the 4 and who is on the road. So I want USC and AZ to lose. I think we can take UCLA and the Solar Zoobs at home this year.

    • Hockeybeard

      Hah! SolarZoobs…

  • LiquidUte

    Agree. Cheering for UCLA and ASU since we have both at home and we struggle to beat UA anywhere.

  • We want both UCLA and Utah to win out so the game at RES at the end of November is one of National importance.

  • Utah needs to win that is what I mostly care about….BUT I will say I don’t like fUCLA and hope they lose. I also want SC to win just to keep Sarkisian another season hopefully. Even though if Sark loses that Notre Dame game he is gone this year.

  • cjd1

    Monty left 1320. I`m glad.

    From day one he was biased for BYU.

  • Hockeybeard

    The station just got better – addition by subtraction.

    Now they need to get a good analytical guy in there – not a pot-stirring hack to pander to either fan-base.

  • SouthJordanUte

    Can we just get rid of the big kid with long hair and braces that stalks the local weather girl? His voice is like nails to a chalk board IMO.

  • Crimsonute

    New guys come into the market, and they are told that BYU moves the meter. Which probably shocks them with Utah being the Pac 12. So talking BYU satisfies the BYU audience, and ticks off the Utah fan base. Either way, people still listen and react on social media. That is exactly what they want. If people turned off the radio, instead of reacting negatively, they would know they have to change their discussion.

    • Hockeybeard

      There will never be enough people to turn off the radio to get the movement you’re talking about. In all actuality, I’ve debated calling some of the businesses that certain media members have championed to explain the damage that media personality is doing to their brand, but I’ve stopped short every time. A coordinated campaign letting the advertisement owners know the negatives of that certain station would go a lot further than just turning off the radio dial.

      But we’re Americans and mostly apathetic to things like this. Its going to continue until alternate solutions spark up……like a UteHub podcast….

      • Crimsonute

        That would be a good move. Other than a the fact that because I haven’t listened to 1280 in a couple years, I don’t know who their sponsors are. That is a great thought though. Sepp Bladder wouldn’t step down from FIFA’s presidency until he got a call from Coca Cola of all people. They told him, step down or we pull our FIFA sponsorship.

      • drumandfeather

        Why do you need a UteHub podcast when you can just listen to the Gospel truth of University of Utah athletics that is the DrumandFeather.net podcast? http://www.drumandfeather.net/podcast/

        • Hockeybeard

          Touché good sir.

        • Tacoma Ute

          I really like your podcasts. Nice work!

  • Tony

    I haven’t listened to 1320 in probably 10 years.

  • JDub1942

    Monty was the worst. I don’t know what the solution is to the radio problem. But it seems like of Ute fans stop listening then byu fans will gain an even stronger hold on the station since they represent an even larger portion of the audience than before.

    If you have 5 listeners and 2 are Ute fans then 60 percent of your audience is made up of byu fans. If 1 Ute fan gets sick of buy pandering and stop listening then suddenly 75 percent of your audience is made up of byu fans.

    Sure they lose listeners overall, but now they have to talk about what 75 percent of their audience wants top hear.

  • Samak

    I doubt Monty cared about Utah or BYU or any other team in the state. He thought his best shot at making it in the market was to pump BYU.

    It didn’t work. Even a lot of Zoobs realized it wasn’t authentic and phony in not too long.

  • UteStuckInSeattle

    What’s a 1320?

    Seriously, if it’s not national sport radio or ESPN 700, it’s not worth listening to.

    Without Monty, 1320 is just a slightly less stinky turd.

  • NorthEZUte

    He did?? That’s great! Hope they get someone worth listening to.

  • Puget Ute

    What does a radio gig like this pay? Maybe $15k? That seems like a tedious way to make money, but every one of them hopes to one day move up the ladder and improve the craft.

  • jamarcus24

    Never really liked Monty. Always thought he was a bit of a condescending jerk who didn’t really do much homework on the local teams. He just came off as a guy who didn’t really care much about being here. I felt like most of the time his criticisms and “analysis” were completely made up. And that goes for both Utah and byu.

    I hope that whole show gets turned around because the other two idiots on there are dumber than he is. Please 1320, give me a reason to listen to local radio in the mornings.

  • Who was he?

    • Hockeybeard

      1320 KFAN’s station manager and morning show host. Was largely a bully, blow-hard, and pandering imbecile who spouted off and talked over his co-hosts.

      The backstory is he was brought in a bout a year ago from the San Francisco area, where he was largely abhorred and not very highly regarded. I wish I could dig it up, but a local Bay Area personality basically said “He’s your problem now SLC”.

      He couldn’t leave the market soon enough for my tastes.

      • Wish he could take Monson, Kinehack and DJ with him.

        • Hockeybeard

          I think DJ wouldn’t be half bad if he was with someone other than PK…but those 2 have been together so long he may not be able to handle that. But yes, the other 2 FOR SURE need to go.

  • therealu

    Thank God, he was absolutely awful. He just let words fall out of his mouth with little to no thought behind it.

  • Homer Crimson

    I’d love to hear a show where they would analyse the PAC12 teams week to week and actually break down the conference. We’re still so provincial here.

    • Hockeybeard

      What, like ACTUAL sports talk that was relevant to the large market local team? Pshhh….you must be dreamin’

  • RedLine

    And my Friday just got even better!

  • Tacoma Ute

    I never heard him. Now I almost wish I’d tuned in just once out of curiosity just to see how bad he was.

  • 5150

    1320 starts and ends with Gunther. LOVE me some Kyle Gunther. He consistently cracks me up.
    Monty? Won’t miss him a bit.

  • High Uintas

    Rule on sliding QB.

    Gunner Kiel, the Cincinnati QB, was knocked out in a scary play while he was sliding feet first. What’s the current rule on hitting a QB that’s sliding?

  • Homer Crimson

    Looks like we need a “sticky” on links pics, etc.

  • Tony

    Images via the image tag, tweets, youtube videos are allowed. We will work on a how-to for all of those.