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    Larry B

    Man that was fun!

    I know you can’t take a lot away from a spring game but it sure has me pumped for the season.

    I don’t know who Joey Wood is but he runs with anger. It would have been fun to see Moss.

    Tuttle looks like a Freshman but he is still ahead of where most Freshmen are. He’s going to be legit.

    Matt Gay will win the Groza again.

    Shelley and Lisk both look like quality backups but I thought Huntley looked good for the short time he played. He seemed to have happy feet a couple times in the pocket.

    It looks like we might actually use our TE’s this year which will make our offense harder to defend.

    Overall that was a fun spring game. Does anyone know how the attendance compared to recent years?

  • BattleGroundUte

    I felt Shyne ran well and the Oline did better in the second half. 

    The fg kick to end the game was a great highlight of the day. Two underneath routes to set up a 50 yard plus kick. Because you know that makes sense at Utah.