Noon kickoff vs Oregon

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      Bleh. I much prefer night games.

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      I went to Alta’s playoff game at the RES on Friday and on the east side of the stadium the sun was brutal at 230. I prefer night games

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        My seats are on the east side and early games, early in the season are brutal. Normally by November I am happy for day games, but I am thinking this week I will be cooking.

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          Right now, the forecast for Saturday is 46 degrees

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      Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, and you’ll be GRATEFUL for a game you can wear t-shirts to in late November. Come on, people! Climate change for the WIN!!!

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      Yeah. Not excited about this. I wanted a full day of tailgating for our last home game of the season. Plus, I’m taking a friend to their first ever Utah game at RES. Would’ve been nice to show them a rocking atmosphere.

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        I like the early daytime start. Its going to be a high of 49 and low of 26. Gotta go with 46 there fellas. First drinks Bloody Marys at 9am, no problem there. And RES is always rocking as long as we aren’t getting blown out. Lots of scoring in this game. Besides, don’t let it be a self-fulfilling profecy, bring your own energy!

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