The average RPI of teams playing in the Diamondhead Classic is 221

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      Ute Fan

      63   Illinois State

      155 San Diego State

      184 Tulsa

      206 Utah

      207 San Francisco

      289 Stephen F. Austin

      323 Hawaii

      340 Southern Miss

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      Milton Vanderslice
      Ute Fan

      The ugly truth about our schedule so far this year. 

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        Yeah but why are you not at the Huntsman Center?

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          Milton Vanderslice
          Ute Fan

          I have 4 season basketball tickets but outside of one game, I’ve had no interested in attending any games this year so far.  That will change once conference play starts, but I can tell it’s not just me since the place is half empty but not far from being sold out.  But right now, I can’t confidently say that I’m going to renew next year.

          This has nothing to do with our team, but has everything with entertainment value.  I bought season tickets a couple of years ago when they were miserable to show support for the program.  This schedule made sense when we were rebuilding.  But we’ve gotten past that I thought.  All of this could change with one or two more interesting out of confernce games. 

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            Ute Fan

            I’m torn on this issue. On the one hand, the mess that K came into, we need to be patient and really let him start to build a pipeline and stable of recruiting. Once recruiting stabilizes, then I’d expect the OOC to get a lot better and fast. 

            For example, Football and the QB position. Wynn getting hurt really wrecked the QB position. We went with another freshman QB (Wilson) and QB recruiting really stalled. 

            NOW, look what we have: Troy Williams, Tyler Huntley, Jason Shelley, Jack Tuttle. That is a nice, nice, nice QB situation to be in. It’s a million times better than what we’ve had ever in the history of the QB position. 

            BUT, how long do we give K a pass for the recruiting? At some point, he needs to get it figured out. 

            The good news is this:
            Barefield – SO, Collette – JR, Zamora – JR, Kuzma – JR, Johnson – FR, Daniels – FR

            We have depth and it is spread around. We should be a PAC-12 title contender next year if Kuzma stays (IF). 

            So, I’d say that this is it for K. It’s time to stop with these terrible OOC and start to beef up the OOC. 

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            Ute Fan

            I’ve been to every home game this year so far, and I have to say, I’m loving this season based on pure entertainment value. Even when we play against the little sisters of the poor, this team is still fun to watch.

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      Tony (admin)

      Kuzma is great, and “Air Kuzma” in the last game was fun. But I don’t think he’s NBA material, yet.

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      Guess what? LOoks like Utah is dragging down that RPI.

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