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Larry B

All white unis for the championship!

  • Basketball Junkie

    If Utah is the top rated team in the PAC 12…

    Why are we not dressing as the home team for the game?  Or why aren’t both teams wearing “home” teams colors since the colors don’t confict?

    Just curious…

    • NarfUte

      Same conference record but they beat USC and we didn’t. Goes like this:

      1. Head-to-head results, if applicable
      2. Record against the next highest placed common opponent in the conference (based on the record in all conference games), proceeding through the conference
      3. Record in common conference games
      4. Highest ranking in the SportSource Analytics poll following the final weekend of regular season games
      5. Coin toss

      If ASU were ranked higher than USC, we’d be in Red

  • St George Ute

    A la 2015!!! 62-20 here we come!!!

  • AlohaUte

    Both teams should be wearing home colors. The Red v Green would be awesome.

    • Warrior Ute

      Unless you are red green color blind.

  • AlohaUte

    Those are my absolute favorite road Unis. Looks sharp.

  • PhiladelphiaUte
    1 4

    Not a fan of that look.  Was really hoping we’d go with the same pants and helmet as the ones we’d worn vs. UCLA and Colorado, with an “Ohio St” Away jersey.

    Oh well.  I care more about the “outcome” of that game, than what we wore while we were playing it.

    GO UTES!!!

  • sweetgrass

    same, although I love that look with the oversized drum n’ feather

  • Dante Guardi

    have we worn all white this year at all? or is this the first time?

    • Ghost of the HEB

      Yes. Same Uni’s as the Washington Game. 

  • PlainsUte

    So gauche to wear all white after Labor Day 😉

    • pics

      Uniforms will be green and brown by the end of the 1st quarter given the weather and field.

  • ManUte

    Should have been the all red, BYU look.