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Pace Manyung

Dabo and his coach’s do a great job on halftime adjustments

LSU scored 20 straight points going into halftime- the Dabo stops LSU cold.   Would be nice to see this at Utah someday…I guess you get what you pay for.

  • crazyute
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    Remember how Clemson was going to kill LSU.

    And you made that prediction after the game started

    • Pace Manyung

      So angry… did you lose your job again ?

      • UTUTE
        3 1

        Clemson lost. And you’re a DB

        • crazyute
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          But how? He told us it was over in the 1st quarter and LSU was going to get killed.
          Maybe here should just stick to his evaluations on recruiting. Cause he is soooooo much better at that…..ha ha ha

      • crazyute
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        Nope just tired of your constant negativity and whining. You’re nothing but a BYU troll. And your schtick is old.

  • Staples

    Pac-12 Championship game, Utah outscores Oregon 15-3 in the 3rd quarter. Halftime adjustments…..?

  • leftyjace

    Well, obviously you don’t watch too much Utah football. Because Whit & Co. are fantastic at halftime adjustments – so much so that when things aren’t going very well in the first half, me and mine just look at each other and say “we just gotta hang on until halftime adjustments”.

    If you actually watched games, you’d know this.