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BYU linebacker Chaz Ah You arrested on suspicion of drunk dr

Looks like a LB will be in the portal

  • Central Coast Ute

    Ateast nobody was hurt. I doubt he hits the portal though. I think his dad still works there. Plus KVN and PAu’u never left after similar charges.

    • Hammer
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      Kyle Van DUI got all of his DUI’s out of the way before being at BYU if my memory serves me correctly. While I doubt Ah You leaves, it will be interesting to see how long he’ll miss.Good thing it was only operating a deadly machine while intoxicated and not having consensual intimacy with someone because that would get you kicked out of school, right?????

      • Central Coast Ute

        Right. You may be right about KVN. I thought he had to sit a year for it while at the TDS though.

        • Hahnenwk

          KVN like Jamal sat out a year. But they NEVER MISSED a GAME. That is YBU punishment. Phony

  • EagleMountainUte

    He plead not guilty on all the charges. I would say he will head for the portal as well.

  • PlainsUte

    Did they check the registration of his Jetta? 75 mph in a 35, two liquor bottles in car, plus THC vape pen. On a Sunday. Was his mission in Nurburgring, Germany?

    • Tony

      ON A SUNDAY?  The horror!

  • Larry B

    I mean, we could use a LB. And given how well Francis turned out for us, I say come aboard.

    • User Suspended
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      based on 247 he’s only gained 6lbs since 2017?  he’s 23 years old 6’2 and weighs 205?

      I know he was a 4* coming out HS but is he really a LB? 

      • Hammer

        The “Flash” backer at BYU is responsible for the 3rd wideout, so it makes sense to be lighter to be quicker.

    • chinngiskhaan

      No thanks. He’s a legit dingleberry. He’s had attitude problems since high school at least. Never met him personally but a kid I know very very well was a HS teammate of his and most of the team could not stand him.

      • NarfUte

        He announced his commitment by riding on a helicopter into lavells erector set = dingleberry

  • rbmw263

    have byu fans gone after media members for reporting this yet? Selfish of the vengeful slc media to impede on their out of sight out of mind policy when it comes to pretending their football players are all missionaries 

    chaz will learn a tough lesson here…hopefully part of it is that he isnt invicible. Which is what driving like that drunk with weed and alc in the car with him suggests his mentality is. Luckily for him there are much worse ways to learn that lesson than a dui

  • Utah5410

    Who cares the kid drank. I know BYU does. But no boost else cares. The issue is he drank and drove. 40 miles over the speed limit. Very little tolerance for that. Don’t really care who it is or what Team he plays for.

  • dwainegf

    I know quite a few people who have DUI convictions. Most of them are stand up citizens now. I’m glad no one was hurt and I hope he learns his lesson and doesn’t have any repeat performances.

  • ThurstonW

    At least he wasn’t caught flying a helicopter!