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Predictions for the 2020 Season?

With the football season scheduled to start in about 2 months, I thought it would be interesting to hear everyone’s current thoughts about what the 2020 season will look like. Here are a few questions I have about the upcoming season:

1) Will the full 2020 football season be played (all 12 games)?

2) If we play a modified season, what will that look like? Will we only play conference games? Will all the PAC-12 schools play, or will we need to schedule teams from other conferences to make up for PAC-12 teams who won’t play this year?

3) If the season is not played, will the NCAA grant players another year of eligibility? What will the NCAA do if only part of the season is played and then stopped (similar to what happened to college hoops this past year)?

Please add any other predictions/thoughts that aren’t related to my questions, as these were the 3 that I immediately thought of when thinking about this upcoming season.

  • Hellhound152

    Spring season is looking more and more like a probability.  If teams start having more outbreaks after the start of fall camp the fall season is in serious peril.

    • Yeah, it would be interesting to see if they’ll move the season to this Spring, as that may be the only way football happens for the 2020-2021 school year. I’ve seen rumors that the NCAA isn’t willing to do that right now, though (I don’t know the rationale).

      My only concern with a Spring season is that we may experience a second wave of COVID in the winter months. If that happens, then there may be the same issues as what we’re currently having with teams trying to get prepared for the season, but players testing positive could force shutdowns. Perhaps if the season started in April/May, this wouldn’t be an issue, but then would there be a Fall 2021 season?

      • Hellhound152

        The way I see it is the majority of players are from urban areas in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.  These areas are on fire with an uptick in cases.  Outbreaks in fall camp, which are almost certain when players from these locals return to campus, will make the fall unworkable.  The season would devolve into intra-conference made for TV exhibitions based on who could field a squad.  The season under that model would be a financial disaster.

  • Trailgoat

    Problem is, in the current state of no vaccine and no immunity, as we know it anyway from our alleged “infectious disease experts” :\, Spring will be no different than Fall and beyond. Until the governement or whoever is in charge of making decisions on the level of disease were willing to live with while protecting the most vulnerable population, this s**t is not ending anytime soon. The cat and mouse cycle of isolation and then phasing increased social interaction will be the response.

    To play in the Fall, whatever entity is in charge of college athletics will need to define how to play sports with Covid-19. If the season is a go, some kids are going to get Covid-19 and likely spread it to some others on the team, plain and simple.  

    Of course, my 2 cents of input from the couch. I am hopeful somebody or group is working on a plan and we get to watch college football. The NFL and NBA seasons can go away for all I care. Been done with both for the past 10 years. Go Utes!

    • Pace Manyung
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      This argument of “protect the most vulnerable” and let everyone else run buck a#s wild is ridiculous.  If one was to include everyone +50 years old and all people with compromised health issues – you might be talking more than +1/3 of the population.

      Somehow you’re asking the “strong” not to mix with the “weak”….just so we can watch some football?

      Your either young and selfish or a trump supporter to believe such an idea.  Either way, what your proposing will not tap down deaths (like they’ve done in Europe and Asia) but instead, continue the spike.

      The only way I see this working is if you isolate college athletes/ coaches – they would need to live in a bubble from now till the end of the season. They could not leave the bubble, they could not visit their family or friends, all classes would be online within the bubble.

      I can possibly see this scenario with professional athletes, but I feel this is a huge ask for college kids.






      • Pace Manyung
        4 7

        The problem with the living in the “bubble” option is it only takes on misstep to become a covis cruise ship…and it falls like a house of cards.




        • Johnny
          4 1

          The bubble. Stop generalizing man. You have no idea what crowd you’re addressing.

          • Pace Manyung

            lol. just attempting to provide a relatable discription

    • Stone
      4 1

      I find it comical how many people are SHOCKED that infections increased after the lockdowns ended (and massive protests happened with thousands of people gathered together) … as if the virus would suddenly disappear because we all hid for months. The virus is out there and is going to stay out there until we get it (i.e., build natural antibodies via a naturally occuring infection) or get a vaccine (i.e., build natural antibodies through a manufactured, injected strain). The cycle of isolation and phased re-opening is likely our future, but it is an absurd strategy* that accomplishes nothing except a slow herd immunity (*so long as there is adequate capacity in the medical system).

      Any team that gets the infections over with early is going to have an advantage (I am looking at you, Clemson). 

      Coronavirus is deadlier than the flu for elderly and unhealthy. The flu is deadlier than coronavirus for the young and healthy. I would hope that most college athletes fall into the young and healthy camp. 

      • EagleMountainUte

        CDC director thinks the infection rate is closer to 25 million I believe. Which lowers the fatality rate significantly. 

  • Utah5410
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    Pace. How did we just land a 4* African American RB after MS. Crazy man crazy.