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With most (maybe all) conferences going to a conference only model, this could get us closer to a system that actually works in terms of playoffs and national championship. One of the long-standing and valid complaints is how to evaluate conferences when they do not all play the same number of conference games. The SEC is now going to face the reality that other conferences routinely face. Would be nice to see something positive come out of this going forward where all conferences agree to similar parameters for conference and nonconference scheduling.

Anything can happen, but Utah’s schedule is pretty great. It will be a touch back stretch, but at least we can work up to it.

  • MDUte

    Totally agree. Uniformity in scheduling amongst P5s is a must. Would be so cool to see this be one step closer to a playoff similar to NFL.

    • Hellhound152

      You mean one where the teams play unbalanced crossover schedules with other divisions and conferences and overall record not strength of opponent determine who get the non-division winner spots?  [the nfl model]

      • MDUte

        Not completely like the NFL, just meant an expanded format that provides more playoff game excitement than the current 4 team model. There are so many proposals out there but I especially like this one I saw on SI in the link. I like it because it preserves both the importance of the regular season and the tradition of the NY6 bowl games by making these games basically the 1st round of the playoffs. And then based on those games, the committee picks the best 4 teams to go on to play the CFP. I think this would bring back the tradition-rich bowl games whereas now it’s only about the CFP and the Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, Peach, and Cotton Bowls have become an afterthought. In this format you’d have more teams vying for a national championship, better TV ratings on all of these bowl games, ESPN would still get their highly rated CFP Selection Show, way more excitement/interest = more money, and the whole thing would only extend the current system by 1 week.
        Expanding the CFP the right way

  • PhiladelphiaUte

    Doesn’t look like the American Athletic Conference (AAC) is onboard with the conference only slate for 2020.


  • D T

    That home-stretch comes after we’ve gained experience, particularly our secondary.