RIP #22


Chris Curry – insight to his character & work ethic

Curry link

  • LetItRide

    Saw that. Also looked at reviews of LSU RBs. 
    Curry was coveted and pushed to start in the playoff game against Oklahoma via Joe burrow and also coach Orgeron. He excels in Pass blocking and knows how to get tough yards. 
    Watching highlights of that game you saw a ZMoss clone. Small in stature but a bowling ball who gets yards after contact. 
    can also pass catch. In highlights they had him as a wideout on passing plays. 

    How many year(s) eligibility does he have left? He was on practice squad as a freshman and worked his way up apparently. 4 star. 

    • Danilo

      I believe with the covid yr he comes in as a RS sophomore with 3 to play