Former Ute football coach died Monday

Fassel brought offense to Utah.  Unfortunately, he had no defense while he was here.  His offense was potent and innovative.  I remember Scott Mitchell throwing for 619 yards against Air Force.  (We still lost the game)  There was a joke back in the late 80s that went like this, “Why is Utah 115th in total defense?”  The answer, “Because there are only 115 D1 teams.”

RIP Jim Fassel.

Fassel dead at 71

  • utefansince79

    They put ALL the athletes on the offense back then which often led to basketball type scores.

    At one time Utah was involved in 2 record breaking games for most points by a losing team.  (Beat Lobos 58-49 in a snowstorm and lost to Air Force 56-49).  

    Gave us our only win over TDS in a decade.  I still remember the scene from the post game locker room where he screamed It’s Over!  (The losing streak to them).

    RIP Jim

  • Tony

    RIP Jim Fassel.  I still remember the first time I saw “the duck,” and I was thinking WTF is this? 57-28 over BYU was such a fun game to watch from the student section (wasn’t called the MUSS yet).