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What would Pelle Larsson do for this Utes team?

I really liked Pelle last year and was surprised/disappointed when he transferred. Seems like he isn’t getting a ton of on-ball time at Arizona – he’s either 7th or 8th on the team in minutes, scoring, rebounds and assists. He’s playing 10 less minutes per game than he did last year at the U.

If he stayed at the U, do you think the team would be much better? Maybe a little better? Would he be our best player? I know playing the “what if” game is pointless, just curious what everyone’s thoughts are.

  • utefansince79

    One of the players I was most sorry to see leave last year.  Was arguably our most consistent player.  He always had a handful of rebounds, a few assists, and a few baskets, he took care of the ball, and hit most of his free throws.  A solid around contributor with very few poor games.




    • chinngiskhaan

      I wouldn’t call what Pelle did last year consistent. Look at his game logs. Also, the guy averaged nearly 3 TO a game for us last year. That isn’t what I would call taking care of the ball. It’s not necessarily terrible for a freshman who handled the ball a lot, but it’s not good either.

      • utefansince79

        I realize I was thinking of our other Scandinavian, Jantunen, who we also lost (can’t keep track of all the transfers after a while).   

        Indeed Larsson had some rough numbers at times, but showed promise.   Jantunen had more solid consistent numbers, but is of course gone.  I believe he went back to start playing pro ball in Europe somewhere. 



  • chinngiskhaan
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    He’d be contributing more for sure. at the very least he would be another option when Gach/Jenkins/Worster/Battin aren’t getting the job done. He’s big enough to play anything but the 5 at this level… That being said, he isn’t good enough to have really changed the outcome of many games, if any at all.

    Overall, I think him leaving was worse for him (in terms of his on court production/development) than it has been for our team.

    Ian Martinez is playing terrible basketball at Maryland. Timmy is getting less PT, but is a contributor on a good team, numbers are a little down for him. Rylan is doing well for USU, but he really wasn’t built for Pac12 basketball tbh… and his 3pt shooting is still bad for some reason. Pelle is hardly playing. Jantunen seems to be doing well playing pro ball wherever he is. Good for him.

    We were bad with those guys, we are still bad without them. Even if each one had stayed we would still be bad. Timmy would obviously be the biggest help, but he isn’t really that much better than Marco Anthony. Marco’s production is nearly the same while demanding the ball faaaaar less… plus I think Carlson is better off without Allen to crowd the paint.

    You can throw Gach into the mix as an example as well. He didn’t do well when he left, he isn’t doing particularly well now either. 

    The truth is, we have been severely lacking in player development as well as recruiting for a while now. Carlson has improved across the board, pretty much everyone else is either new to the team or essentially the same player they’ve always been.

    If Carlson can put on another 10 pounds this coming offseason he’ll be an even more effective player next year..

    We have a bunch of guys on this team that don’t fill any one role particularly well. Worster is a PG that is too slow to really fill that role. Jenkins is our shooter who is too inconsistent to fill that role. Gach is kind good at a few things, but sometimes very bad at all those same things. Battin sucks at everything (he’s somehow gottten worse across the board every year since arriving). Anthony is a superb rebounder, and serviceable defender. Carlson is a stretch big that really isn’t a very good outside shooter yet, and far too frail to dominate inside. Mahorcic has a great basketball mentality, and a great basketball body that fits that mentality, but he is severely limited from a skills standpoint. Thioune is tall and somewhat athletic, still doesn’t really understand basketball obviously. Lazar seems promising but doesn’t seem to contribute in any way other than inefficient scoring at this point.

    Honestly I think Mikki is by far the biggest loss of all the transfers, if for no other reason than because he took Battin’s minutes.


    • luke8675

      I just looked at the Ian Martinez numbers – woof. And it’s not like Maryland is lighting the Big 10 on fire.

      Glad those other guys seem to be having some success though. I guess I just kind of liked last years team and feel like I took it for granted.

    • Distantute

      Battin is my least favorite player of all time. That guy does nothing and is such a bad 3 pt shooter yet he keeps trying.

      • He’s got to be one of the worst scholarship players we’ve had in awhile, dude is straight do do

  • PlainsUte

    Not to mention Timmy Allen who seems to be doing well at Texas.  Sigh.

  • RustyShackleford

    He was on of the only players last year that could create off the dibble, this team would look much better with a player like that. Transferring to Arizona was a dumb move. He would be starting here