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    Scalley got new contract for 1.4 Million per year according to ESPN

    Also, there is a big buyout if a new coach comes in and picks a new DC.  I suspect that Scalley is the man they are grooming for the job when KW retires.


  • voxnihili
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  • AlohaUte

    I’ve got to think he’s the unofficial Head Coach in waiting. This would maintain major continuity in the program, brunt the impact of Whittingham leaving when he does, and reassure recruits.

    • gandalf

      And make it easier for Whittingham to continue to have a significant impact on the program as a consultant per his contract.

      • Tednab

        Covey needs to hurry and come back .. I’m sure his own parking stall will be included in the contract

        • Tony

          I like the Covey idea, but does he have ANY coaching experience at all? 

          • Extra Medium

            Can you imagine covey sitting in your living room recruiting your kid!!! Parents will sign over all parental rights right there! He’d be an awesome recruiter!

        • ProudUte

          I want Covey on the coaching staff ASAP.  He needs to start with a smaller job IMO like WR coach.  Then move quickly to OC and then head coach.  I predict he will be a head coach somewhere before he is 35.

          • KJU

            So, 3 years from now.

      • UtahUtesRock

        As I’ve heard talking heads discuss the qualities ASU should look for in a new coach they name qualities and I keep thinking “Scalley” with each one. He’s a great recruiter, part of a winning system, has been there for the missionary process, the NIL process, and is somebody who truly loves the program.

        • Shaun

          As soon as they announced his raise and a big 4.5 million buyout on his contract, I immediatley had the thought that ASU may have reached out to Scalley. 

          • ProudUte

            Apparently, this was done at the same time as KW’s contract.  It just wasn’t made public until today.  So, it wouldn’t have anything to do with ASU.

  • ALUF

    Now that it’s been a while since the n word incident and now that scalley has gotten his raise. Is there still concern with minority recruits wanting to play for a guy who was in the news for a racial slur or no?

    • Tony

      Seems like kids are playing for him now, no? 

    • AlohaUte

      I’m not sure that was ever really an issue outside the talking heads. Certainly it didn’t affect the players or recruits too much, particularly once the details of the incident got out.

    • stbone

      Anybody who knows Morgan for more than five minutes knows he isn’t racist, and that includes the kids he recruits and their families. It was pathetic to see the media go after him like they did, but it was awesome to see former and current players and the community rally around him.