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Utah MBB #19 in NET Rankings

Also receiving votes in the AP poll!

Interestingly, only one other PAC12 team is higher in the NET Rankings: UCLA at 14.

  • Minnesota Ute

    I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I have to say that this season so far feels a lot like some of the Majerus years, not the ones that we were really good, but the ones that we snuck up on people. Like 1992-93 or 1994-95, although I’d have to look back at those more specifically.  I just seem to remember a number of seasons looking a little raggedy at the beginning of the season, sometimes losing ones we shouldn’t or narrowly escaping games we should dominate.  Thinking we are going to struggle, then all of a sudden it all falls together.  So I’m open to being pleasantly surprised. 

    I am of the hopeful belief that Craig is a good coach, where I had long since came of the belief that Larry was a bad coach.  I had long felt that Larry’s teams were not showing game over game or year over year improvement. I think we are seeing signs of improvement with Craig, although jury is still out.  Nevertheless, AZ a most unexpected treat!!  And I’ll always take a gritty win regardless because it’s a great reminder not to give up. Along with my Vikings dominating, and the FB team embarrassing USC, what a fun week!!! 

    • dystopiamembrane

      Thank you for this post. I feel the same way.

      • dystopiamembrane

        • utefansince79

          Had raised optimism after attending the blowout over Arizona which end with a 2 minute standing ovation from the crowd (been a long time since we had that in the Hunty) but saw some of our weaknesses exposed again yesterday (a win that was ugly as they come, but a win nevertheless).

          Still I see more potential on the team than we’ve seen for a while 


    • Rick

      This team has gotten much better on the defensive glass and has cut down their turnovers.  They hustle on D and are pretty scrappy overall.  Their two weaknesses are rebounding and turnovers.  If they can fix those two areas I think they are good enough defensively to surprise a few teams.  They are not the best shooting team but have enough to get by a lot of team if they don’t give their opponents 2-3-4 chances on the offensive end because they don’t box off and rebound.  The Mississippi State game was a great example of just awful rebounding and turnovers killing us.  

  • chinngiskhaan

    That is… a pleasant surprise! Smith is an easy guy to cheer for.

  • Chilly

    And the WBB squad is at #6. Neither will likely be able to stay that high by season’s end but sure is a fun way to start the season.