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Are we going to have a better fan showing at the RB this year vs. last?

Judging by what’s been available through the CC windows and anecdotally the people I know going this year vs. last (lots of coworkers/friends who couldn’t swing the trip last year are attending) I think we might surpass the fantastic showing we had last year.


One thing i’m excited about is that Penn State is blue/white so we should get the really iconic rose bowl crowd shot from the blimp this year (instead of red/red fans like last year)

  • PhiladelphiaUte

    Last year, Ute fans were far more interested in going to the Rose Bowl than Ohio St.  So that resulted in a very “Utah” crowd in Pasadena.

    Penn St fans are far more likely to travel than the Buckeyes.  So while you might know more folks interested in going this year, there should also be more folks on the other side interested in snapping up tickets as well.  So it might be a push.

    That said, if it IS a push, then it’ll still be a very “Utah” crowd.  And it’s not like we have to travel as far as they do.

    GO UTES!!!

  • concerned

    Somone pointed out the the emergence of omicron in December caused a lot of people to stay home. The rest of us just went and caught COVID. My whole family, anyway.

  • MineralUte

    I I highly doubt it. Ohio State only sold like 60% of their allotment last year, with Utah fans buying the remainder and most of the secondary market.

    Based on penn state message boards they will sell their allotment and a lot are buying from the secondary market.

    We’ll have more fans, but won’t be 75/25 Luke last year, probably closer to 55/45 – but hopefully higher.

    • NarfUte

      Penn State opened up their sales to the public already and i’ve been seeing similar chatter of ute fans purchasing those tickets today(Maybe not to the extent of THE ohio state university selloff) Will be interesting to see. At least we’ll be able to visually distinguish the crowd this time.

  • AlohaUte

    I’m really hoping secondary market tickets drop the week before the game. I really want to go, but can’t afford the current prices. Fingers crossed.