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Wishnowsky punts to Covey

Next weekend this will happen! How cool will that be? They had to have some overlap playing together, unless Wishnowsky played during Covey’s mission years. Excited to watch them in action. Personally, I hope the Eagles win and Covey keeps living the dream. Last year I cheered for the Rams only because of Weddle, it will be the same this year. Go NFL Utes!

  • belli1976

    What would rather see?

    Covey sprint by Wishnowaky for a TD?

    Or Wishnowsky getting a cleater on Covey??

    • Xanthis

      Covey getting a TD

    • Seeing Wishnowsky vs Covey in the open field would be pretty amazing. I would be happy with whichever way it went, although I can’t see Covey losing that battle.

  • ProudUte

    They played together on the 2018 team that played UW for the conference championship.

  • chinngiskhaan

    I’m cheering for the Eagles. Covey and Brian Johnson vs. Wishnowsky and the team that screwed over Alex Smith.

  • Utah
    4 1

    Eagles all the way!!! 

    Fly, Eagles, Fly

    On the road to victory!!!

    Fight, Eagles, Fight, 

    Score a touchdown 1, 2, 3!!!

    Hit em low…hit em high…

    And watch our Eagles Fly!!!

    Fly, Eagles, Fly

    On the road to victory!!!!


    E! A! G! L! E! S!