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    I’m tired of waiting.

    Whitt and Urban seemed like a great combination. A strong defense and an offense that never let up. Stand on their throat. When Urban left I had high hopes that an aggressive offense would continue. Unfortunately, Whitt has done a less than stellar job of making good offensive decisions. Bad coaches combined with bad coaching kept the Utes from reaching very achievable goals. I think Utah has a lot more potential on the national stage than many realize. Sports pundits be damned. It appears that Whitt finally realized he had to open up the offense and be more aggressive. While I would have preferred a more proven coach, I have a good feeling about Troy Taylor. One thing I know for sure, I am damn tired of waiting for good coaching and look forward to the start of the season.

  • Tony

    I had many of the same hopes and expectations.  The Urban effect still lasted a long time though.

  • Utah

    Man, I have been so optimistic for our offense to figure it out lately. We’ve had talent. Yet, we just sucked. I fully expect Taylor to be more of the same, but hopefully more efficient. Hopefully. 

    • Tony

      We don’t have to be “that” much more efficient to have a huge impact on our season.

  • ladyinred

    According to Vegas, we’ll have to wait a while longer still. Although it could be argued that Whit does an especially good job of motivating when the team is an underdog


    • Utah

      Yeah, I’m not sure this is the year to be overly optimistic. 

  • noneyadb

    If Utah has a successful season how long does Taylor sick around as OC?

    • UteThunder

      Good question. Reminds me of when Chris Hill was asked about if he was worried Urban would be successful and move on after a couple of seasons. His response was something along the lines of ‘if he’s moving on after a few years, then it means we have won a ton of games which I would be fine with.’

      As for how long Taylor will stick around, a few thoughts come to mind: 

      1) Of all of our OCs under Whit, only two have left voluntarily(Ludwig and Chow) and even Ludwig was forced out to some degree. Everyone else has been fired or demoted. If we are successful this year, I’m sure Whit will keep Taylor as long as he is willing to stay.

      2) Shortly after accepting the Utah job, Taylor was rumored to have been offered the OC position at his alma mater(Cal) and he turned it down to stay at Utah. Good sign for him wanting to stick around here for the long term.

      3) Doesn’t he have kids in jr. high and high school? If correct, I doubt he would be looking to move them again quickly after getting settled here. 

      4) Some people seem to think he could be the next HC in waiting. I don’t know why they think this, but if true, and he is successful as OC, there is no reason for him to go anywhere else.


  • ironman1315