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Utah at Stanford game


  • Chidojuan

    Man, they Copyright Flagged that one quick.

    • BattleGroundUte

      ESPN.  When they are on P12 they don’t care. Youtube is so arbitrary with their copyright enforcement. 

      • Chidojuan

        Youtube headquarters are in California, Pac-12 headquarters are in California.  Both have arbitrary flagging problems.

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  • Duhwayne

    The truth is still out there. I won’t link to it but I watched. Also if you’re a Slinger I saved the game cut to 60

    • PlainsUte

      I’d like to be a slinger but my wife won’t have it.  Oh, wait…

  • WhiteyFisk

    I’ve got the Football in 60 from PAC12 network recorded on my DVR, but huge chunks of multiple drives are missing from it. Some drives have 3-5 plays missing. Anybody else experienced this?