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Someone on the board asked if anyone else is worried about our game with Arizona

Worried may be too strong, but I see reasons to be nervous.

1. Everyone talks about how bad Arizona’s defense is.  In three PAC12 games they are giving up an average of just 17 points a game.  Scoring is what it’s all about and they are keeping the opponents out of the endzone.

2. Tate has yet to show anything this season.  But, everyone knows what he is capable of.

3. Utah played great last week. However, this is not a pattern of play just yet.  Our offense has been anemic most of the season.

4. The weather will be cool tonight.  I remember in 2014 when it was rainy and cold and the Utes had been playing well.  Most thought we would take it to Arizona because they weren’t prepared for bad weather.  We got maybe our worst butt-kicking since joing the Pac12 and lost 42-10.

I believe we should win this game and I hope we win it going away.  However, IMO there are some reasons to be nervous.  I hope the team comes out and plays this game like they are playing a top tranked team.  They should take nothing for granted.

Go Utes!!!


  • SUUte

    2014 was a lot different Arizona team. Best team they had in years. They practiced different for that game and were well prepared. Weather tonight will be perfect for football. Nervous yes. But more excited. 

    • utefansince79

      In 2014, RichRod saw the forecast was for rain in a night game and had the team practice in the early morning before sunrise with the spinklers on.



  • Pace Manyung

    Honestly, the Zona and zoob game are the only two games I feel somewhat confident in at the moment.

  • Utah

    If we run the ball 40 times we win easy. 

    If we don’t then Arizona has a chance. 

    • ironman1315
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      Arizona will be broken on our first six plays from scrimmage: 1) 74-yard scamper by Moss to the 1; 2) TD throw by TH; 3) 79 yard run by Moss another 4) TD throw by TH; 5) 79 yard run by Moss 6) TD throw by Huntley.


      • Chidojuan


        • ironman1315

          • ironman1315

            If only Moss could shoot eye lasers.

  • Mano

    I get worried about all of them. This should be the easiest game left on the schedule, but I still remember the loss to CU the first year in the Pac when Utah could have gone to the CCG if they had won.