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    Not to overlook Maine, Minnesota, etc…

    Did anyone see the Duke-Kentyucky game?  Duke’s fleet of one-and-dones crushed Kentucky’s #2 rated recruiting class.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    zion and tre are like off the charts.  interesting to see reid jump to the SEC.

  • chinngiskhaan

    Yeah, that was shocking. Williamson and Barrett are ridiculous. Williamson would be one of the biggest dudes in the NBA already (in terms of weight), and he can dunk it from the free throw line, as well as knock down step back threes.

  • alharmon

    I had heard for so long that Zion Williamson was going to be this great player, but I just figured it was regular Duke hype. After last nights game I can confirm he is the real deal. Dude is INSANE. Duke’s gonna be a very tough team to beat this year.

  • palos_verdes_ute

    Kentucky looked young.  Reid is the seasoned veteren.  This is good news since we won’t get our nutts blown that bad.