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We reached our season long goal!

We got a bye in the first game of the P12 tournament! Woot woot!

  • astUTE

    Yes, we did, and Congratulations!  Coach earned his salary, met our goals, and we exceeded the media’s expectations!  Wow, a top four finish, even thiough we immediatly lost.  No complaints here, except… what… we’re done now?  No NCAA, not even an NIT?  Were our goals worng?

    I’m done bitching, and I’ll admit to having one more hopeless fan’s perspective for the upcoming year.

    We have some young talent.  If we can keep them, well…

    We have by all acounts a great recruiting class coming in next year, if they can grow early in the year…

    Johnson, actually turned the corner in the last few weeks, if he can stay healthy, he will be effective next year.


    Perhaps… IF…. coach K can take all of the above and pick up where we thought he was headed following the progress he seemed to be making 4 years ago,… perhaps, I won’t be bitching this same week next year.