12 Scholarships for Utah This Year…

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      Thanks AZUTE for the clarification in 12 scholarships currently on the team.


      That explains why we only recruited one player for 22-23 (Exacte).


      With Dusan gone, that’s another freed up scholie (now 2).


      I don’t think Jenkins, Anthony, or Gach will transfer since they are already on their second rotation.  But  we could see Battin, Brenchley, and possibly Thioune transfer out.  2 of them will have their degrees.



      So that gives us 4 to 5 slots which will likely go to a transfer portal kid (with the exception of Exacte).


      I say this is a bad deal for Smith because he hasn’t built any traction on the HS recruitment yet.  He’s relied almost solely on transfer kids in his first year and looks to repeat that reliance after this season.  I truly would like to see him build the program from the HS ranks and see how his recruiting efforts play out.  As good of coach he is, recruiting is still the key in building this program.  

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      Ute Fan

      I would expect a transfer portal PG, PF and maybe a C but make no mistake Smith is definitely targeting HS kids in this class.

      He would like to sign at least 2 including Exacte.

      If the transfer portal doesn’t work he’ll look to the JC ranks to fill the gaps. Don’t be surprised if SLCC becomes a bit of a pipeline to Utah. Smith has a very good relationship with the HC there.

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