3 Keys to Success today vs UW

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      Ute Fan

      It goes without saying, winning the turnover battle is critical in every game. So, like always, that will be huge. But here are 3 other things I believe Utah must do today : 

      1) Run the ball. Other teams have had success running on UW this year and Utah does this well. I’m sure this will be a big part of Ludwig’s game plan. Effectively running the ball can wear down UW’s D and it can also help Utah win the time of possession battle. Additionally, being able to run the ball has great psychological benefits. Utah has to be able to impose their will and run the ball and I believe they will. 


      2) Start strong and take the fight to them. UW’s offense has been very productive in 1st quarters this year. Utah needs to play a good 1st quarter and be more physical than them right from the opening kick. Utah is known as being a tough, physical team and we need to assert that physicality today. The way UW abused Covey last year made me sick. 


      3) Limit UW’s big plays. Their offense is full of playmakers and they have a big time QB. The primary job on D, is always to stop the run. But, Utah will also need to get regular pressure on their QB and limit their big plays. There is no doubt UW will take some shots downfield. Definitely need J Blackmon and our other DB’s to play well. 


      Given the opponent and all that is at stake (South Division title implications, etc… ) this is a Huge Game. It could be argued, this is one of the most important games – Ever.  

      Go Utes !  Make it Happen !! 


      Thoughts ??




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      Ute Fan

      I think #2 is critical.  We need to punch them in the mouth from the start.  They’re at home, they’re rested and judging by their fanbase, they’re very arrogant.  Maybe they have the right to be based on the last several games with them, but this isn’t the same Utah team that they’ve beaten.  

      We need to hit Eason as violently and as often as we can.  If we can throw him off his game and disrupt his timing I think we have a chance to win convincingly.  What an awesome day… if we win, the stress gets really cranked up about 6:00.

      Go Utes!

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      Ute Fan

      Totally agree. This game has Revenge written all over it. The mantra of Unfinished Business could take a huge step forward today. Utes need to Impose their will and show UW who this year’s Alpha Dog is. Get it done, UBoys !

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        Ute Fan

        Really concerned about Utes kick game. Petersen had a week to scheme against the punt game. Utes punt blocking has been marginal all season.

        Punt block is big mo changer.

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      Ute Fan

      Starting fast will be huge. This is where we lost the USC game. The Trojans scored touchdowns the first two times they touched the ball. After we fell behind 14-7, we outplayed them. But letting them get off to a good start at home kept the crowd into the game and gave the Trojans the confidence to pull out the upset.

      We need to get out to a fast start and sew seeds of doubt in the Huskies and their fans.

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