3 weeks until Pasadena 🌹

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      Ute fans 

      3 weeks until we are all united down in Pasadena at the rose bowl game, and I can’t wait to see ute nation in full force. The red wave is coming #GoUtes #UteNation 

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      How does everyone think we’ll do in Pasadena without CPIII and Kincaid?

      Obviously it depends on who Penn State has skipping the game… But I think CPIII being out won’t as huge a deal as it would be against a team like USC. Penn State is a run first team (or so I hear), and their passing game isn’t all that great supposedly, so I think we might be okay there.

      I’m curious to see how our offense does playing a against a defense that is likely far better than any we’ve faced so far this year.

      Anyone heard who from Penn state will be out?

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          If he plays here is an NFL scouts comment of Clifford their QB:

          “Clifford is an athletic quarterback who can play in a read-option system but doesn’t display any high-level arm talent to succeed in the league as a quarterback.”

          Definitely run first and their top WR is out as well.

          Will be a physical game so will come down to who owns the LOS.

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            Is there any doubt the Clifford won’t play in the Rose Bowl.

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        I just took a look at Penn State’s schedule and results for this season.  They beat the crap out of every team they played except Michigan and Ohio State.  They lost by 13 to Ohio State at home and played Michigan to a 14-16 score at halftime in The Big House.  Sure they got blown out in the second half but that was pretty much what Michigan did to every team they played this year.  

        Penn State is no slouch of a team and we better take them very serious or they could actually smoke us.  I think if both teams show up and are motivated it could be one of the best bowl games of the entire year much like last year.  I am hoping our boys are hungry for the win and give it their all just like last year.

        It sucks losing Kincaid and Clark but both players have been playing hurt this last month and it is really in their best interests to sit this one out given where they are both being projected in the draft.  We have to replace both of them next season anyway so why not start tryouts early, right?  

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      Found an article that went deep on Clifford. Mentions that their LT, a potential high first round draft pick, went out midway through the season and the LG went out too and the blocking wasn’t as good in the second half of the season. Mentions that Clifford tends to overthrow when on the run.

      Lessons From A Rewatch Of Sean Clifford’s 2022 Campaign

      Penn St will also be missing Joey Porter JR who is supposedly a potential first round pick as well.

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      PSU fan here. So looking forward to this game. You guys resemble Michigan with toughness and run-first, TE-heavy approach. Our DL gets overmatched against elite OL and pound-and-ground styles. If we can run the ball, we should win. Sorry to be so frank. Clifford is average. But if you have to commit more men to stopping the run, he can be a winning QB. Our top WR is out with injury…which really hurts. As a PSU homer, I have to give us the nod…I say 24-23 in a nailbiter.

      I accidentally bought two tickets that are just on the Utah side of the stadium. Section 11 about 50 rows back…I don’t want to give $100 to Ticketmaster to sell them for me (or for you to lose $100 either). Email africamurphy at yahoo.com if interested

      I mean, I respect yall…but I don’t want to sit with yall. 😉

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