All time greatest flop (Oregon vs Utah)…

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      Ute Fan

      Has everyone seen this?

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      Ute Fan
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      Ute Fan

      I was there live for that one!

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        Ute Fan

        I was there as well. There’s context to this. He’d already gotten away with one that had little to no contact so he tried again.

        Brooks has to be one of the most-hated players to enter the Huntsman Center. I admit that I’d love to have him on my team but it sure appears that he’s earning most-hated status in a lot of NBA arenas as well.

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          Ute Fan

          Can’t stand him at all. He looks like mugatu from the movie Zoolander sometimes the way he does his hair

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          Ute Fan

          Idk. I always hated Zoobie guards. All elbows. Also Utah fans were especially outraged with any Lobos players. 

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            Ute Fan

            One of those games against the Lobos has what I affectionately call “The Raping of Andre Miller” the guy was so close a pair of panty hose wouldn’t have fit in between them. And it was all game long. 

            Here is a write up of the game.

            Ugly is beautiful

            Then, with 1:35 and UNM still down by six, Bliss called a timeout. When the Lobos returned to the court, they brought with them into the classroom a new and dangerous weapon.

            The press.

            “We’re not really a pressing team,” Bliss said.

            Yet, in the press, the Lobos were rowdy. Physical. Effective beyond words.

            Right out of the timeout, the Lobos stole the ball from Miller, leading to a Shields dunk. The press extracted the ball from Miller again seconds later, producing an Olney 3-pointer and cutting the Utes’ lead to one.

            Both times, fouls on UNM could have been called. Both times, they weren’t.

            “I don’t know if the refs should have called fouls on those plays,” Mottola said. “They didn’t. That’s just the way it goes.”

            And, a frenetic one minute, three seconds later, capped by yet another 3-pointer from Olney – with that haircut and that glare, he might be the ultimate Sweathog – the Lobos had an amazing, 77-74 victory.

            Even the article mentions the probable fouls.

            Watch this.



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      Ute Fan

      I was there with my two kids, both of who are now not very big sports fans and BOTH still talk about it!

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      Tony (admin)

      Yep I was there, 16th row. 

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        Ute Fan

        So pathetic that when they showed the replay in the arena, rather than get angry all the fans could do was laugh in disbelief.



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