Are we the Roman empire?

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      Ute Dub
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      It feels like half my day is spent trying to play catch up on which 18 year old kid went where and for how much. So hyper focused on sports. At some point, I just want to move to Vernal on 5 acres, throw away the TV and ride dirt bikes all day.

      The USU kid, Great Osobor, going to Washington for $2mm. Sheesh!

      KSL via ESPN: Former Utah State Forward Great Osobor Commits To Washington

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      Ute Fan

      At this point, between NIL, the transfer portal, and injuries, I’ll just root for whatever team they throw out there for the first game. Can you imagine Phil Steel trying to keep track of all of this stuff so he can put out a magazine with some half decent predictions? Brutal.

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      It’s getting mighty ridiculous!

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      The Miami Ute
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      Funny you should mention Osobor… I’m going to be really interested in seeing how he collects his NIL seeing how he’s a foreigner in the US on a student visa. Essentially, if I read the laws governing this issue correctly, about the only way to really get NIL in a legal manner in a foreigner’s pocket is for all the NIL activity to take place in a foreign country. Here’s the deep dive on this issue if you are interested: Name, Image, and Likeness: International Student-Athletes

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