Avengers End Game*spoilers maybe*

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      It took about 21 of these movies for me to get annoyed of them. Going into the 22nd movie I had more a completist attitude rather than desire to see it. I enjoy that my oldest(age 9) loves to go. That being said he was absolutely depressed after End Game. It was a good payout for the fans of the universe they created though.

      End Game has a 45 minute battle that feels like 15-20 minutes. The payoffs are huge and full of homages to the comics. The movie was 3.5 hours long and didn’t feel like it to me. Reminds me of the first time and multiple times after that of watching LOTR: Two Towers. It is a long movie that I simply love to sit and watch. I read the book when I was young and can’t even count the amount of times I have read it. So it was like that for me. An experience that was gripping and thrilling where time skips by. 

      I would add this movie to my watch again list for sure. I am one of those people who regularly watch movies I have already seen. Good the Bad and the Ugly once a year. Goonies, Die Hard, Christmas Story to name a few more. 

      Anyways go watch it I loved it. Kind of makes me excited for the next phase of this universe after I thought I wasn’t before the movie. 

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      One of the best movies I’ve seen in years. Made me tear up. Glad it was dark in the theater.

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