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      If Paulo has to sit this week, do we see Bam play against Cal?

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      Ute Fan

      In all honesty no. Wasn’t part of his having to sit out was he couldn’t even practice. We won’t see him until next year IMO.

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        No, he’s been practicing and will play in 4 games, redshirt and play a full year next year.

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          Oh, well, I obviously needed to be downvoted because I’m apparently wrong.

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        Bam will play four full games this year.

        From Whitt’s mouth:

        On how Bamidele Olaseni has progressed so far…
        “He’s progressed very well and he’s very close to getting that playing time. We don’t want his four games to look like just eight or 10 snaps, so we are going to hold out as long as we think we need to before he’s ready to have a lion’s share of the reps. There could also be an injury, you never know what is going to happen in a couple of weeks, so some things could work themselves out in that regard. We are not going to just get him in there and six or eight snaps call it good, that’s not the plan.”

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      If Paulo can’t go, I think this is a good game to play him in. The coaches can find out just how ready he is and then choose the other 3 games he will play in accordingly.

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        I would imagine the targeted games for him to play would be Washington, PAC 12 championship (if Lady Luck shines on us) and the bowl game – plus a warm up. Cal would be logical as it gives coaches understanding if he will be ready for play against Washington.

        All this assumes he is practicing well, and getting up to speed. Anyone know how that is going?

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          Coach Whit said he was getting up to speed and that he was ready to play. So I guess he’s doing OK.

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        I think Bam plays this week.  We need him and it’s a chance to see how good he can play in an actual game.  If he does well, he will start against UW IMO.


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          Ute Fan

          O-block is about communication and chemistry. This far into the season, putting Bam in, even if he has extraordinary strength and skills is problematic.

          That said, in at least one interview, Kyle said it was their intention to play Bam in four games, and not just for a handfull of plays.

          Seems like the Cal game is a good time to see how he measures up, and if he can establish some chemistry with the rest of the line.

          I expect to see him Saturday night

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            Ute Fan

            I agree. We may need him for the Washington game and a game like that should not be his first. If he does well this week we still have him for Washington, CCG, and the bowl game. If he needs another game to settle in, there is Az and Colo. I do not expect him to need more that two games to be up to speed. If he had 2 to play 2 he would be playing already. The plan is 4 games this year and all next year. How he handles elite DE are not at all a mystery given practice. We have 3 that are all different and generally better than what he will face. The question for me is: will he be left or right?

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