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      Dante Guardi
      Ute Fan

      as we all know, basketball season is upon us and i was looking at the roster and compiled by projected starting lineup

      G- Rylan Jones
      G- Both Gach
      G/F- Timmy Allen
      F- Riley Battin
      C- Branden Carlson

      Carlson was the number 1 player in Utah in his class. I feel like this team can be pretty solid and string together a pretty solid season. all of these guys were 4 star recruits coming out of high school depending on what source u look at. Hoping for a fun season. Go Utes!

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      I hope for a fun season too.  

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      Ute Fan

      That’s just it. Utah may not be good basketball, but I think it will be fun basketball. At this point that’s all I’m really about…I just want to be entertained.

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        Winning is more fun than losing though.  So there’s that. 

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        Dante Guardi
        Ute Fan

        i feel like its gonna be like the 2013 football team. gonna have some really bad losses but I can see us coming away with a couple big wins, feel like this group can do something special if none of em transfer

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      Ute Fan

      Sheesh! That a young skinny lineup full of underclassman that are going to take a lot of losses. Any seniors? At all? Any Juniors? Calling on any available upper classman!!!! Anyone, anyone?

      I’m sorry but holy s**t , man!

      Utah Mens basketball roster

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        One senior.  Not a lot of game experience there.

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      Ute Fan

      I expect Alfonso Plummer to start over Rylan. Rylan will get minutes. I expect Lahat Thioune to start over Brandon.

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      Ute Fan

      This is what I expect to see as the game 1 starting lineup:

      G Plummer
      G Gach
      F Allen
      F Battin
      C Thioune

      Edit: Utahfansir beat me to it

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      Ute Fan

      So I’ve followed Carlson his whole life.  Let me just set some expectations.  The kid is green.  The potential is definatley there and he progressed a ton from his Jr to Sr years.  But he’s still green.  Good kid and will work hard.  But for this year, I expect moments of brightness and a lot of WTH type moments.  But I also see a lot of growth this year and a decent player next.  

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        Ma’ake Kava
        Ute Fan

        My hope is LT is experienced & developed enough to start, or he might be a transfer risk… the absolute last thing we need.  Carlson sounds like he’s going to develop regardless, so hopefully they make a decent 1-2 punch as bigs, growing together.

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          Ute Fan

          My biggest hopes are simply to enjoy time with my parents who don’t have too many years left.


          Very inexperienced team with only one consistent player returning, and 2 others that have shown potential from time to time, so if the team does anything special, it will be an added bonus.




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