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  • Uhhh… we replaced 2 senior starters / all-PAC quality LBs… with a Big-10 starter, and a part time starter (for us), who was one of BYU’s best players before he came to the hill.

    I’d call that damned creative roster management.

    If Bowen doesn’t come to SLC, then Donovan Thompson would start, with Devin Lloyd getting a baptism by fire as a…[Read more]

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    As soon as I saw those quotes from Provo, I knew they were going to be turned into motivational material.

    Blackmon’s take is *exactly* what Whit & Scalley were thinking.

    Football culture & leadership starts at the top, then to the coordinators, the position coaches, and then into player leadership. The best teams are where player leadership…[Read more]

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    How could this possibly be a legitimate fan poll if Jimmer isn’t a selection?

    Seriously, there are at least two ways to vote in this kind of poll:

    1. What the fans think, based on their perception of player value.

    2. How a coach might “draft” players if they were building a team based on the available player in the state.

    If I was a coach,…[Read more]

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    Great points. This year, summer conditioning & workouts and fall camp will have an edgy intensity, in both schools. BYU will be motivated and confident, based on 27-7. Utah will be laser-focused, focused on “redemption”, based on 27-7. Make no mistake – it will be rubbed in their face by the coaches and player leadership. You can bet your…[Read more]

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    To anyone who has met Marcus’ family, him *not* getting a degree was never an option.

    I talked with Marcus’ uncle at the Cal game 3-4 years ago, and as Marcus’ recruiting picked up, he decided to see how things were going academically at the HS. Besides the 4.0, Marcus had amassed a bunch of AP credits. His brother Eric, who was a PG for Cal…[Read more]

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    If Mark Harlan finds a way to skip scheduling BYU in football, I support it, 100%.

    Because the Legislature might melt down and lash out, a better option might be to alternate scheduling USU and BYU.

    This game, this year, can be used as a relatively consequence-free way to work on parts of our game against a pretty good opponent who would do…[Read more]

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    One of our WRs BYU won’t have an answer for is Siaosi Mariner, who quietly got another catch yesterday, after struggling with injury this year. Bryan Thompson appears to be healthy, too. There’s nowhere near enough speed in the BYU secondary to deal with Dixon and Mariner at the same, downfield.

    Shelley can spread the ball out to so many…[Read more]

  • A huge wildcard is the weather. The forecast had snow falling in Boulder starting about 2:00am. If it snows and passes by, they’ll clear the field. If there is snow sticking during the game, things get a little crazy.

    The Buffs seem either like they’re really sagging with 5 straight losses, with their coach dealing with a horrendously botched…[Read more]

  • CU’s OL is *very* young (start 3 FR I believe), and have done a relatively poor job of protecting Montez. This *should* translate into fewer deviations out of lanes on the pass rush trying to get home.

    I would think about shifting Anae inside on obvious passing downs, like we’ve done before letting DEs play the middle and drop into short…[Read more]

  • Game 1 comparisons are junk food. Both teams will improve from Game 1. We had some ragged play that should be shored up, NIU will be amped to play better & score a win at home against a P5 team. NIU is an upper tier MAC team, which means we better take them seriously, like we are playing San Diego State. If we do our job, handle our…[Read more]

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    Covey had at least two plays where he really had to tough it out getting up after a hit. He’s tough, but that’s got to change.

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    It will be interesting to see if we can contain Love by stacking the box (on some plays), letting the LBs and Safeties fill the gaps and limit the damage on others. We haven’t had a safety that can cut off edge plays like RoJo did looking like a rocket coming up… until Marquise Blair.

    When they’re forced into throwing, I see JJohnson, Blackmon…[Read more]

  • The UH-CSU game reminded me of how big the difference is in defenses between G5 and P5.

    On some of those explosive plays by CSU in their comeback, the Hawai’i DBs weren’t even making plays on the ball or trying to rake it out.

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    Name change – Vonte Hendrix. He was at the Fanfest, is definitely one of the most talented players in hoops.

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  • I think UW looms as a very big game, because our 2 most likely competitors in the South have an easier schedule with the North teams. We need Huntley, the OL and WRs to rise to the occasion.

    Arizona’s D is a little small inside, but they started 9 freshmen last year, some of them All-PAC caliber talents, like Fields the rocket LB who hurt Huntley…[Read more]

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