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    Gach is well positioned to make another leap up, with Lohner & Martinez coming in. With shooters around him, he could *REALLY* develop his game and have a realistic shot at the NBA. The upside is unquestionably there.

  • Burgess cranked out a 4.46, with 20 reps. What a great transition to Safety, along with Blackmon.

  • Nice! A 21.40 in the 200m is definitely smoking, for a HS kid.

    Conroy Black ran a 20.99 to win the SoCal JC championships, similarly built at 6-0/185

    JT Broughton (nee McCloud) can really run, too – a PR of 10.47 in the 100m, is quite a bit bigger than Guidry.

    The thing about Jav that will help him in the NFL is though he’s just 5-9, he’s put…[Read more]

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    Thank you to Jaylon, for choosing Utah & honoring your word.

    I want to see how his work ethic and positive influence has rubbed off on JT Broughton, who holds similar promise, with track credentials to back up that assertion.

  • Thanks, Narf & Game – I’m just a fan, nowadays.

    It’s a lot of fun watching kids turn into men, teams created from individuals. Next year I think the Hoop Utes go to the Bahamas for an early season tourney. (Hint for Santa!)

  • Everyone was pretty disappointed losing to Coastal Carolina, but they nearly beat Baylor yesterday, which added some welcome perspective.  We talked with a couple of strength coaches that work with the CCU team, and they’re pretty pumped up about their prospects this year.    
    In our game against CCU we couldn’t hit free throws, and they poured…[Read more]

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    Agree – I’m at this tournament. It was one of those games where we couldn’t hit FTs, and CC were throwing in all kinds of 3s. One of their guards was 6-9 from long range.

    This game was the opposite of Miss Valley State (except we didn’t lose by 94).

    This team has a long way to go, but Gach isn’t *that* bad of shooter, and our freshmen won’t…[Read more]

  • Ordinarily I would think that remark is ill-advised.  The circumstances this year are unique.

    – the entire BYU ecosystem has been psyched up for this since November.

    – they let the rhetoric on their media day be centric to this game.

    – this year we won’t be sandwiched between the hangover over winning the PAC South and looking forward to the…[Read more]

  • Wilson’s a good QB, who – all things being equal – will look great vs OK defenses, and will look poorer against really good defenses.

    If he had serious playmakers to distribute to, Wilson could be a *REALLY* good QB, but if they can’t get separation, his numbers will suffer, or worse, he’ll get baited into throwing into coverage and be a serious negative.

  • It was a lot of fun.

    – Julian Blackmon is such a bright, engaging kid. He’ll be successful in whatever he chooses to do, but if in 30 years he’s the Governor of Utah, I won’t be surprised. Seriously. He has some people skills that extend far beyond football.

    – In the meantime, Blackmon’s fellow safety Tyrell Burgess said JB has had no problem…[Read more]

  • (redundant post – deletable)

  • This is a tough topic. The PAC games are almost all TBD because there’s a pecking order of the TV partners, who select the matchups they want, often 10 days out, and sometimes even 6 days out.

    Fox & ESPN get first picks, with most of the rest of the games going to the PAC-12 network. If we do well, chances are we’ll be getting more Fox & ESPN…[Read more]

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    RES will be lit up on game week nights. (They practice at game times.)

  • Multiple picks by JB? Attention Tareke Lewis, Josh Nurse, Jav Guidry & Burgess – the ball is coming your way!

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    There’s one more possibility – I’m thinking way outside the box – Ali’i Niumatalolo, who is listed as a TE. He’s the son of Ken Niumatalolo, coach of Navy. I saw him at the airport on Monday, coming in for camp from his hometown back east.

    6-2 / 235. Don’t know if he was like a courtesy scholarship from Whitt to Ken, but he definitely looks…[Read more]

  • Uhhh… we replaced 2 senior starters / all-PAC quality LBs… with a Big-10 starter, and a part time starter (for us), who was one of BYU’s best players before he came to the hill.

    I’d call that damned creative roster management.

    If Bowen doesn’t come to SLC, then Donovan Thompson would start, with Devin Lloyd getting a baptism by fire as a…[Read more]

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    As soon as I saw those quotes from Provo, I knew they were going to be turned into motivational material.

    Blackmon’s take is *exactly* what Whit & Scalley were thinking.

    Football culture & leadership starts at the top, then to the coordinators, the position coaches, and then into player leadership. The best teams are where player leadership…[Read more]

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    How could this possibly be a legitimate fan poll if Jimmer isn’t a selection?

    Seriously, there are at least two ways to vote in this kind of poll:

    1. What the fans think, based on their perception of player value.

    2. How a coach might “draft” players if they were building a team based on the available player in the state.

    If I was a coach,…[Read more]

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    Great points. This year, summer conditioning & workouts and fall camp will have an edgy intensity, in both schools. BYU will be motivated and confident, based on 27-7. Utah will be laser-focused, focused on “redemption”, based on 27-7. Make no mistake – it will be rubbed in their face by the coaches and player leadership. You can bet your…[Read more]

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    To anyone who has met Marcus’ family, him *not* getting a degree was never an option.

    I talked with Marcus’ uncle at the Cal game 3-4 years ago, and as Marcus’ recruiting picked up, he decided to see how things were going academically at the HS. Besides the 4.0, Marcus had amassed a bunch of AP credits. His brother Eric, who was a PG for Cal…[Read more]

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