Biggest games of the season

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      Ute Fan

      In my opinion – these four games appear to be the key games this season.  Obviously, some things will change and some other game(s) will become critical games.

      Florida – This game is key because it is a nationally recognized opponent.  We need to win this game if we seriously want to be considered for the CFP.  You never want to start your season off with a loss.  I will be satisfied with a one-point victory.

      UCLA – It is very possible that UCLA will be undefeated when we play them at the Rose Bowl on October 8th.  (Their only loss may happen against UW.)  If both teams are undefeated, this game will garner a lot of national attention.  UCLA may not be great but they have improved in recent years.  We need to win this game.

      USC – It is possible that both teams will be undefeated and ranked in the top ten.  I hope that this is the case.  If so, a win here would solidify the Utes as one of the top teams in the country.

      Oregon – This game may decide which teams will be playing for the conference championship in December.  Oregon will be out for revenge.  The Oregon fans are already talking about this game.

      Disclaimer – I am not predicting that Utah will be in the CFP.  However, that’s what we are all hoping to achieve.  Winning these four games is necessary if we want to be considered for the CFP.  Staying healthy will be critical.

      Go UTES!!!


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      Ute Fan

      Absolutely right, yes every game is important but nationally a lot of people also have these 4 circled for Utah

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      I think it’s a mistake to try to identify which games will keep you out of the CFP when in actuality, they all can.
      Had you done the same post in August of 2021, the chances are very good that you would have said beat USC, Oregon & ASU and Utah makes the playoff.

      No one-loss P5 team that won its championship game has been left out of the playoff to date. That’s the floor and it means that all twelve games matter, not just 3 or 4.

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        Ute Fan

        Every game is of course critical not to lose.  I just listed those games that “I” think will be most challenging.

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