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      Are we sure Brewer is even going to be the starter?

      my money rides on Rising!

      anyone else?



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      The better player needs to play, nobody here knows who that is

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        I suspect that OnlyU and a few others know who has the edge going into fall camp.

        What say ye?

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      Are we sure? No. I’m betting on Brewer though. Last year I said Rising based off of listening to Whitt speak about him. This year, it’s Brewer.

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        Same here, money was on Rising last year, it’s on Brewer this year

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      My money’s on Brewer getting the nod. His successful track record coupled with experience seems to show he has what it takes to take us to the next level. This is coming from my very limited view, but to me all signs point toward Brewer starting on day 1.  

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      Does anyone know how much throwing Rising is doing?

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      Coaches want a competition to make the best QB better. We know Rising won the job last August, however, now as we look back he simply had to beat out Bentley and Lisk. Rising could be very good but there is a very big gap between the two he beat out and what we need. Possibly, he is much, much better than Bentley. I do not consider his short time playing against USC as good information. Our team had so many setbacks getting into the first game.

      Brewer, I expect has held off much better QBs to win the job at Baylor. He also has experience that is magnitudes beyond the combination of all the other QBs. Could be considered the frontrunner, however, Whitt will not entertain that. The team will know half way thru fall practice.

      Jackson figures in and will do so thru the season. If he also plays an H back, Utah can go to wildcat without substitution. He will be most effective if he is a threat to throw. He will get snaps even without winning the QB1 job.

      A significant decision assuming Brewer wins the job will be QB2 which may have an impact on Rising and Costelli going forward, If Utah generates enough minutes with comfortable leads, we may get a chance to see all of them. No worries, whoever becomes QB1 will likely be a very good Pac QB.

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        Regardless of who wins the “QB1 derby” I would be very surprized if Jackson did not see some reps in every game.

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      Brewer has the big game experience.  I would expect he will play most of the game.  Rising has a better grasp of the playbook.  I have read that it takes a couple of years to digest the entire thing.  That was one of the reasons he got the call last year.  I would expect Rising will get subbed in to run certain sets that Brewer hasn’t practiced yet.

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