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      Ute Fan

      Looks like Brasch may be starting. Maybe this is what moves the Vegas line?


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      Ute Fan

      Also here. Apparently -or- means they are questionable to play

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        Ute Fan

        Freshman on that oline again.  

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          Gary Sapp
          Ute Fan

          Somebody named Anae is likely gonna have a big game again. Just keep making this QB’s run for their lives and the win is likely ours.

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        Ute Fan

        Aw crap, don’t know what to say. I was looking at the OLine roster, especially LT, I know Valentino’s dad. In fact Valentino went to my High School, a “few” years later than me obviously. Anyway, I’ve met Valentino’s dad through work. I ain’t reaching out to him to tell him his son needs to sit this game out. I recognized the last name, and was thinking, he was an Oregon commit, what happened? Transferred after his redshirt Freshman season.

        I don’t want the kid to be embarrassed, but Anae don’t care. And I’m not suiting up.

        “Ice up son!”

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      Ute Fan

      It’s sad when a 17 year old is crushed before they ever have a chance to develop into a real college QB….but that’s what happens when their coaches put them in the game facing Anae. What can ya do?

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