Can we finish 2nd?

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      Ute Fan

      Oregon State just lost.

      ASU has last 3 on the road – Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona

      Oregon State has Washington on the road.


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      Ute Fan

      “One game at a time mentality” – PVD in an article I read today. 

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      Matthew Thomas Castleton
      Ute Fan

      Utah’s in prime position now if they can find a way to win their last three. Either of ASU or Oregon State is guaranteed another loss because they still have to play each other. That would guarantee every team in the league sans Washington and the ASU-Oregon State winner will have at least 7 losses. Well, if Utah wins their last three, they’ll only have six losses. And both of ASU and Oregon State likely have losses remaining on their schedule because ASU has to play @ Arizona and Oregon State has to play @ Washington. If Utah wins @ Colorado on Saturday, I predict that they finish in 2nd place.


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