CBS Sports NFL mock has Lowell and Marcus both in round one

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      Clearly selfish reasons- I hope they stay 1 more year… Bolles too…

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        I hope they don’t and get paid.  Bolles should stay another year get some discipline.  

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        Ute Fan

        If they are projected first dayers, they need to go. The only reason to stick around is to win an NC, but that’s not happening next year. 

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          High Uintas
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          I think too many players leave too soon and it’s not because they will get drafted higher if they stay. They need to stay to develop their skills. Once they are in the NFL, they are on a very short leash. It’s perform or step aside for the next guy. You don’t see a lot of patience and player-development in the NFL. The rosters are too small and the contracts not fully guaranteed. The real money is made on your second or third contract not the rookie deal. If you walk into the League unprepared, you’re never going to get a chance at those big money contracts.

          Look at Booker and Star, who stayed for his senior years compared to Poutasi and Jake Murphy who left. I think Marcus, Lowell and Bolles would benefit so much from another year. Then they can step into the NFL as a finished product, get immediate playing time and solidiy their reputation in the NFL creating a lifetime of security and not simply a one contact and done NFL player.

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      Crimson Kid
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      It is crazy that there are 6 players projected from Alabama. That is the same number of the entire PAC 12 and Big 10 as they each have 6 listed. No players from the Big 12 are listed

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