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        Ute Fan

        Haven’t seen much chatter on his move to UCLA.  What are your thoughts on how he does at UCLA?  The media views it as a homerun even if it doesn’t happen this season.  I’m a little more reserved on how he does.  During his time at the NFL, players weren’t thrilled to play under him and his Oregon scheme was short lived in success. At the college level, PAC teams all play prepared for uptempo offenses.  Taking it back to the ducks, Oregon under Christobal is now putting emphasis on defense.  Bull or Bear on Kelly?  Does he have more magic at the college level or will be more like Harbaugh at Michigan?

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        Ute Fan

        They had the same level of hype for Jim Mora as well. Kelly peaked between 2009 – 2011 when teams weren’t prepared for his uptempo offenses. Now everyone is prepared for that. I’m definitely in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” camp.

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        Ute Fan


        No Rose Bowl wins since the 80s, very few 10 win seasons in their history. UCLA is not a football factory and never will be. Football will never be a high enough priority to do anything more than what they have always been. New boss, same as the old boss.

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        Ute Fan

        Well one thing stopped him: rules. They changed the rules by allowing defenses to sub. Good hell the P12 even holds onto the ball longer than is necessary causing delay of games or time to run out in a game. Then the whole thing that Oregon was cheating etc.  Yeah if you cheat you aint doing everything to win. We all know of the current top ten teams 9/10 of them are cheating on NCAA rules in some way or other. 

        So he enters the NFL and everything is pretty equal in the NFL for the most part. Parity, no need to recruit roster restrictions and money etc. Even harder for a doof like him. 

        So what do I think will happen with Kelly now?

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        Ute Fan

        Chip Kelly’s problem is his offense is a run oriented offense and UCLA has no OL and no RB’s. 

        Sooooo….he’s a couple years out. He needs time to recruit his type of players. Will UCLA give him 3-4 years of 4-6 wins? I dunno. 

        Oh, and when he won the PAC-12, Stanford, Washington and USC were all down. All teams are up now, Leach is at WSU and Utah is a full fledged P5 school. 

        I think if UCLA gives Kelly 5 years, he will get UCLA ranked every year and better than they’ve ever been. 

        Will UCLA give him 5 years? I dunno. 

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        Ute Fan

        Chip Kelly will not have an instant impact at UCLA but in a couple of years UCLA could be scary.  Kelly was never going to work in the NFL and it wasn’t a schematic problem.  His issue was that college kids will run through a wall for their coach, when the players are getting paid not so much (“We talkin’ about practice man, practice.”).  The Eagles decline was directly linked to when GM Chip started cleaning house of elite talent “prima donna’s” and bringing in former Oregon players who were less talented because he thought he could control them.  He was so arrogant that he believed that his scheme could defeat talent because it works all of the time in the college game. 

        It will be interesting to watch to see if defensive coaches have actually caught up to Kelly’s scheme or if we are all saying that the defenses have caught up to him to make ourselves feel better.  Make no mistake about it, Kelly going to the NFL was a total Pete Carrol move, the Willie Lyles thing was about to blow up and he isn’t going to need Willie to get players to Westwood.  Kelly is a Urban Meyer, Nick Sabin level nutcase that thrives in the college game.

        I am in the wait and see camp but after he cleans house the first couple of years and DTR matures in his system UCLA could be amoung the elite in the P12 and back in the national picture.   

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          Ute Fan

          2nd paragraph.  That’s the thing I’m worried about Kelly.  Chip Kelly recruiting in So-Cal. Not his schemes. 

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