Cotton Bowl Chances

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        Ute Fan

        Is it ridiculous to think we still might get a Cotton Bowl invite? The commitee has historically been kind to the losers of their conference championship games and may not drop us too far in the rankings for losing our 13th game against an excellent opponent. If, for example, Oregon jumps us to 8 or 9 and we drop to 10, I think we would get the at-large spot. The other 2 NY6 slots would go to the highest G5 and Virginia. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m still holding out a sliver of hope to be playing in Dallas on the 28th. The 22 point loss is concerning, obviously. Do any of you have any thoughts about this? It also sounds like the Alamo isn’t a lock and that they are seriously considering USC.

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        Ute Fan

        I’m guessing we drop a lot lower than 10. I’d be surprised if we were higher than 13.

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        Ute Fan

        Alabama dropped 7 spots from a 3 point loss to their rival, I can’t imagine after the way we lost that we stay in the top 10.  Even if they don’t ding as as much for it being a championship loss we will still drop anywhere from 5-8 spots.  We could get lucky and get the Cotton or worse case scenario puts us in the Holiday Bowl(outside of the $$ I prefer the Holiday over The Alamo).

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          Ute Fan

          Even though we got absolutely demolished, the loser of a championship game should not drop below idle teams. There has to be some reward for making a championship game and playing an extra game. I would love more clarity on this but I see Utah dropping to #9-11.

          Hasn’t the narrative been we don’t want to take away from the regular season? Wouldn’t the loser of a conference championship game do just that? (Again, we got destroyed and played the worst game of the season). This team should be in the Cotton Bowl.

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        Ute Fan

        tOSU, LSU, Clemson all win.

        tOSU, LSU, Clemson, OU, Georgia, Florida, Penn St, Auburn, Bama, Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan, ND, Utah…

        I think Utah tumbles. Pac12 is weak and Utah just beat up on bad teams. Oregon should be ranked behind Auburn, Bama. Utah will drop below ND. Remember ND beat USC.

        No Cotton bowl possible, and honestly after asperations of Rose, Peach, Fiesta, who really wants to play a Memphis or Cincy?

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        Swoop Doggy Dogg
        Ute Fan

        Utah has a shot for the Cotton Bowl. They are the only 11-win team from a P5 conference not in a major bowl. The committee, which has liked them will assign the team.

        So Penn State, Minnesota, Alabama, Notre Dame and Utah are in the running. Doubt they give the selection to a three loss Auburn. So maybe a pool of three to five teams. I think the team must be the the top 12. If Wisconsin loses, they will drop in the rankings. Wisconsin or Penn State will play in the Rose Bowl. So Utah could still end up in the top 12.

        Utah’s margin of defeat in the championship game has to be a concern.

        But Cotton Bowl against a top 20 Memphis team would be better than the Alamo Bowl vs. Kansas State or Oklahoma State, IMHO. It will be the least watched NY6 game. If Utah wins, they were supposed to. If a lot of NFL potential guys sit out and Utah gets rolled, everyone will say they were overrated all season.

        I saw one prediction of Alamo Bowl vs Texas. Would draw eyes, and essentially be a home game for them. But fun to play a blue blood, but a big loss of money for the conference. A Texas- USC Alamo Bowl would be a hot commodity.

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        Ute Fan

        With Virginia and the top G5 taking a spot that means #11 and #12 ranked teams will be left out of the NY6. So if we’re top 10 it’s the Cotton Bowl if we’re #11 or worse it’s Alamo or Holiday. Those 3 are the only possible bowls destinations for Utah.

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        Swoop Doggy Dogg
        Ute Fan

        After watching Georgia getting beat down, the committee could give Utah a pass for a NY6. Georgia has been in the top four all season. Sometimes, you just have a bad day.

        If Utah slips down to the Holiday Bowl, I’d be shocked.

        The Cotton Bowl is still a traditional, classic New Years Day bowl game. Not the Roses, but a 12-win, NY6 bowl victory is still a great season.

        And Norvell, the head coach of Memphis, is the old ASU offensive coordinator that killed Utah a couple of times. Memphis would be a tough out. I hope he takes the Florida State job.

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          Ute Fan

          A Cotton Bowl would definitely make last nights loss sting a bit less. 

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        Ute Fan

        Cotton Bowl is a no win situation for P5 teams. Better off playing in the Holiday bowl especially if JJ, Moss, Anae, and other NFL bound Senior players pass or play sparingly in the bowl game. Already down to the 3rd string Safety.

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