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      I feel like a lot of you are either ignoring how GA left, ignorant of the circumstances or twisting his words. Dude is a wreck and Utah will have the Post Dave Christensen motto again. If they hire that damn fool.

      He goes from calling out his coaches to saying they are self serving. To then say well they are not compensenated adequately to I hired the wrong guys. I just don’t know if he is in the right place for what Utah needs. 

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      I’m just glad you have no input on whether he comes or not. 

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      Yeah, he lost it a bit there at the end as HC, but he would be working under KW again.  He would be under much less stress and back at home.  Could be good for both the program and him. 

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      Gary stole Whitt’s DC and Dline coach, flipped poly players and flamed out spectacularly. He’s been an HC from 2009-2017.

      1. Why would Kyle hire a guy he helped who then stabbed him in the back?
      2. Why is he considered to be a good coach?
      3. Why would he not try to push Whitt in front of Trax again?
      4. Why do people act like referring to those texts and questioning his fitness right now is being rude?

      I don’t buy in to bringing him back and I don’t know why coach would either.

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        This idea is so crazy it might work.   Famous last words. 

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        Gary stole Whitt’s DC and Dline coach, flipped poly players

        College football is a business, just like any other. He didn’t “steal” anyone…those coordinators thought it was a better opportunity and took the positions.

        Flipping players happens to every team, everywhere. If Anderson didn’t try to get some of those players to come to his new school, he wouldn’t be doing his job.

        I don’t blame him or hold a grudge for either of these things, and I highly doubt Whit does either. His level of professionalism and/or sanity, however, is an entirely different discussion.

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      Gary Anderson has run his course. I don’t want him. I’d rather have someone who has some different ideas and maybe a little different perspective than a retread like GA. There are coaches out there who can bring something to our program (think Guy Holliday) who I’d much rather have. Gary took Whitt’s philosophy to other places and failed. What’s the value in bringing him back?

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      Don’t shoot the messenger…

      Assistant HC

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