curious why we didn’t run Kuthie at all against Oregon?

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      he’s been such a weapon late in the year and other than a throw two him, I don’t recall him being used much on Friday

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      Lateral quickness far superior than the teams they used it against. Oregon barely bit on the play action. That was the best defense Utah played all season. 

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      Rewatched the game as a last hurrah before moving onto BB. General theme-IMHO, nothing earth shattering. Utes really got out coached. UO seemed so much more prepared than Utah. Simillar to what Utah has been doing all season to what we now know are some bad teams in the P12. Did not account for Herbert running on the RPO, weak pass rush, among other things. Props to UOs Oline they completely dominated Utah’s front 7 most of the game. Will give the Ute Oline a pass for being young..I guess. TH and ZM had no chance most of the game. Utes could use a couple go to playmaker WRs. UO DBs are athletic, fast, and tough. 

      BTW, does Utah have the QB sneak in their play book? Of course hind sight coaching from the couch. TH had the A gap wide open for a QB sneak on the first 4th down. It was painfully obvious what Utah was going to do on that play and UO knew it was coming.

      The game completely changed after that first series. UO from that point on looked more physical, athletic, and overall a better team. Hopefully the Utes can end on a good note with a bowl game with a win and have some fun for the seniors last game as Utes. Will be fun to see a lot these guys in the pros next year.  That’s all, bring on Weber State and Them, Go Utes! 



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      Ludwig’s offense is 90% QB read driven and Oregon took that play away based on their alignment. Dropping 2 deep safeties took away the deep ball similar to BYU BUT unlike BYU they generated major pressure with 4-5 guys which forced Tyler to make quicker decisions. Game plan was to soften them up with the run and hit them deep. Oregon’s pressure and control of the LOS was key and not something expected on offense. Their D-line wasn’t expected to be that tough.

      Had we been able to run it more consistently early Oregon would have abandoned the two deep look and walked up a safety for run support…that was the plan but we just never were able to gain control of the LOS. Credit to Oregon.

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        Was Zach Moss taking too long on his reads on the 4th and 1’s rather than just force hitting the hole  with reckless abandone for a yard or two and a cloud of dust mentality?

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          Maybe. I think there were holes early but the O-line wasn’t able to get to the 2nd level often so their LB’s were able to help with gap/edge support as well.

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            Certainly while Utah played sub-par, have to give credit for Oregon bringing their “A” game on both side of the ball (as well as special teams).  Most puzzling thing to me is their stumble in Tempe.

            I think the Ducks will bury Wisconsin in Pasadena.



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      4th and 1 play calling was brutal. IT assumed superiority at the line of scrimmage. Could have easily spread them wide and used an RPO or QB draw. Inviting 9 in the box is seldom a good way to pick up 4th and short. I think we got outcoached severely especially when it came to offensive game planning. The inability to sustain drives directly led to the defensive lapses by being on field too often and long.

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