Devontae Booker & 2000 yards

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      Wilson’s Mustache
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      In the off-season Devontae Booker stated that his personal goal was to get 2,000 yards and win the Heisman. I think we can all agree that as talented as Booker is, the Heisman Trophy was probably out of reach before the season even started.

      The 2,000 yard mark might be difficult, but still attainable. Through 3 games Booker has rushed for 345 yards & 4 TD at 4.1 yards per carry. Booker needs 1,655 yards to get to 2,000. Assuming that Utah goes to a bowl game that would be 165.5 yds/game avg through the next 10 games.

      Only Washington (#15) & Oregon State (#40) rank in the top 50 in rush defense. Granted, it is very early & this is likely to change drastically. Michigan is #14 in rush defense, Utah state is #29.

      Not sure whether Booker gets to his goal or not, but would love to see him at least break John White IV’s record of 1,519 yards. Booker would need to avg 117.4 yard through 10 games (again assuming we go to a bowl game). He was so close last year (1,512 yards) and as much as I like JW4 I think Booker deserves the record.

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      I think his all purpose yards will be thing to impress us all. But I am waiting for a long rush TD. Let’s hope it is this weekend.

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      Red Don
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      2,000 rushing yards isn’t going to happen and neither is the Heisman. I just want him to have a good, injury free season.

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      I don’t think there is any way he’ll make it 2,000 yards. But JW-IV’s record is a realistic possibility, IMO. To me the most impressive thing is his ability catch passes that are horribly off target. Just wish we had him for more than two years.

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      The O-line needs to run block better or Booker’s numbers are going to be good but no where close to 2000.

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      It would be nice to see him get 2.000 yards, but Whitt has basically stated and he has demonstrated that he has Booker on a touch count that maxes out around 30. So you can do the math.

      I’m just enjoying the show.

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