Down goes number six. Utehub is back!

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      Larry K getting some big wins. Duke and now Kentucky. I have always said I won’t ever want to fire him for how he handled the zoob situation. Beating Kentucky he has done something that we have all waited too long for. 

      One thing I wondered about was the lack of review on Them’s three. I only saw one replay and I thought it was almost an NBA three. 

      Overturning the charge because they thought it was in the restricted area was huge. That particular Them player just lowers his shoulder travels and got many questionable calls. To see justice finally on that was as sweet as the victory. 

      Jantunen passing out of that scrum on the floor. I guess Kentucky had the possession arrow. I was really upset at the time because he passes it to someone who had no chance of gathering. Better to take the tie up and hope for a foul call. 

      Jones coming back in?  Seemed to hurt more than help but he made some plays late. Finding the corner three was the winner. 

      Missing free throws late again?  Allen seemed so calm from the line early then late he missed some big ones. 

      This team is young and if it mostly sticks together one can hope for special things. 


      Go UTES!!


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      the black line was the womens 3, the line his foot was clearly on was the mens 3.

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