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      Not having watched this on film(which I’m not sure I can bear) I think the biggest factor in this game was a vanilla playbook.

      I don’t think we got last page 2. In years past we just kept them at arms length but they played fabulous amd it didn’t work this time around.

      But I bet a lot of the issues are mitigated by a playbook that isn’t predicated on what we want on film for USC.

      I’m actually still optimistic. A good team got by us in a tight one where they played perfect and threw the sink at us while we played for the film room. What does that tell you?

      That said, I wish we coulda generated pressure with 4.
      I wish we were cleaner with blitz pickup.(but really really think we coulda torched them with any creativity)

      That was a bummer. I’m grumpy. I freaking wanted 10!

      Usc took the L. Lets put the damn checkers board away, get the chess board out and Let’s go win the freaking south.

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      Ute Fan

      We sucked. No energy. No fire. It was bull s**t. We do this shdd as in we’re getting smoked next week.

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