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        Ute Fan

        So can we all agree ESPN was bad last night? Like really bad. 

        1-Came into the office this morning (Indianapolis), first thing coworker says to me “man those ESPN guys really liked BYUs QB huh?” He is a completely unbiased football B10 football fan, said that watching the first half was almost unbearable because it was just a BYU (specifically Wilson) sales pitch. I chalk this up to ESPN selling its investment, the whole point of the broadcast seemed to be “please tune in to more BYU games! They aren’t this bad I promise!” Which makes me think either 1) I need to stop watching games on ESPN, or 2) P12 needs to get in the club so the mothership will lobby for us too. 

        b-What was up with that clock? I cant imagine the clock at the stadium was going haywire like the broadcast clock was. Constantly lagging then skipping ahead.

        ix-Its 2am and I may have had a couple pours of High West but could you at least put up a notification that the game was going to resume on a different channel? I might have missed it but there seemed to have been no acknowledgment on ESPN that the game was resuming, let alone on a different channel. 

        9- Why did we miss multiple kickoffs? Why did we miss tds key third down? But thank jebus we had time for an uncomfortably long interview w/ Sister Wilsons ego. 

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        Tony (admin)

        The coverage was quite bad.  The camera work was terrible. And often times they would put a graphic up and not cut back in time to the field and we would literally miss a play.


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          Ute Fan

          I’m glad I wasn’t the only one annoyed by the espn cameras. They were panning around the field only to jerk the camera to catch the last part of a play. Hopefully Utah gets more prime channels with their ranking this year.

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        Ute Fan

        MUTE the game and then one Bluetooth headphone with 700 on. 

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          Ute Fan

          Exactly what Alexa is for

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            Ute Fan

            So when they had the delay, I turned on 700 and muted the TV.  Saw one message on the screen saying essentially there was a weather delay, then NOTHING.  Game finally starts on the radio and after a couple of plays I find the game moved over to ESPN2 and NOTHING on the blasted screen saying so.   


            In the first place,  I could understand not restarting on ESPN if there was a live event they were committed to but they were showing Sportcenter.  In the second place, they could TELL US the game was resuming on ESPN2.  (I had it muted so perhaps they told us without it being on the screen and admittedly did channel surf a bit but was mostly on ESPN during the delay).

            And missing plays several times was really bad too.



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