Explains why LSU is the national champions

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      They had five first-round picks and have had ten picks in the first three rounds.  I am not sure how many more will be picked.

      I wonder how good they will be next season.  

      We were a very good team and may have nine or ten picked in the draft.  But, I think you can see why LSU was at an entirely different level.  Alabama has done almost as well with four in the first-round and nine in the first three rounds.  It would be nice to have that kind of talent.

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      Ute Fan

      Crazy how many high level players go to LSU and Alabama. Developed 4-5 star talent matters. Utah is starting to attract some of these kids. Three to possibly 4 drafted Utah DBs speaks volumes to the Utah program and coaching staff.

      All three of the Utah DBs drafted if not stupid with their money and can hang in the league for a few years are financially set for life playing a game they love to play. Good chance Guidry gets drafted and no question Nurse will make a roster. Go Utes!

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      Wrong category.

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