Feel bad for Troy Williams but feel great for what’s to come for the Utes!

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      Love Troy W. and his attitude and professionalism. He took the time after the Indiana bowl game to take pictures with my son and chat for a bit. Guy is the epitome of a class act. 

      That said the Utes are going in a new direction. Flash and flare! 

      Just looking at THunts vids on YouTube u can see why TT has chosen the electric player. Kid is elusive and makes plays. Has afterburners like you have never seen. His side shuffle to elude pass rushers and make a play downfield is his asset. Has a strong arm  

      watch this video and mute the music …….it’s a little overbearing….remind you it’s 2014 season too!

      watch how he side steps rushers and makes plays

      watch how hes about to get sacked and he evades just enough to find a receiver

      watch his burst when he runs……..its at times too fast he needs to stay in control  

      watch his footwork in pocket

      this kid will make mistakes, but will make more positive plays overall, that THunts will be must watch TV  

      my gut says he was the choice all along and they wanted to keep Troy W for depth



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      He sure has a lot of highlights.

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      St George Ute
      Ute Fan

      Watched about a third of that and will have to say, wow! He was pretty impressive in high school. No wonder he won the FL player of the year.

      One thing that’s encouraging to me, after watching that, is typically when you see a QB in HS with that kind of athletic ability, able to slip tackles, make defenders miss, etc., you expect them to end up playing WR or RB in college, maybe even DB. But to see that kind of athletic ability and for him to win the starting QB job, he must also have a good arm, accuracy, and a high football IQ.

      In most cases you find a QB with the later set of skills, but to find one with that and athleticism, he has the potential to be the total package. We may have a Vince Young type of QB here. Too soon? Yeah, it is. So we’ll just wait and see.

      Either way, I’m stoked for this season.

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        Ute Fan

        Love the Vince young call. 

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      He’s a bit long on the release.

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        That’s much better than being short on the release. 


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